Trampoline & Tumbling Judging Courses 2020
posted on 02/24/2020

All judges must retest this year for the new rules and routines of the 2021-2024 quad cycle. Testing must be completed before judging a meet using the new rules.

The Category 1 T&T Judging courses will be offered at USA Championships in St. Louis, MO. and at the Stars & Stripes Championships in Sandy, UT. The Category 1 testing will cover the new Elite USA rules and the new Elite FIG rules. A review of the new JO rules will be included in the presentation. The Category 1 exams are comprised of a 25-question written exam and a 3-part practical exam that includes elite execution, elite judges calls, and elite difficulty.

It is not expected that additional Category 1 courses will be offered until after the start of the 2021 competition season, so all judges are encouraged to attend one of these courses in order to ensure that the 2021 competition season can run smoothly and efficiently. Current Category 1 judges who cannot participate in these courses would be expected to take a Category 2 course to obtain a Category 2 rating until they are ready to test at a Category 1 judges course.

Testing for the 2020 Category 1 Exams

USA T&T Championships: St. Louis, MO:
Day prior to training – expected Monday June 15, date to be advised after schedule is confirmed
Day following conclusion of competition – expected Monday June 22, date to be confirmed after schedule is confirmed

Stars & Stripes Championships: Sandy, UT
Sunday July 12

Testing for the Category 2 and 3 exams will held between October 1, 2020 and March 31, 2021.