Member clubs may apply for 2020 TDC spots
posted on 11/20/2019

The USA Gymnastics Trampoline and Tumbling program will identify two member clubs to participate in the Trampoline Development Center (TDC) program 2020. One of the TDC opportunities is for a club to develop or expand a trampoline program at the facility. The second is to develop a club for the Elite Trampoline Development Center (ETDC). These opportunities are only available for member clubs of USA Gymnastics, and the deadline to apply is Monday, December 9th, 2019.

For the traditional TDC opportunity, interested clubs may have an existing T&T program or want to establish a new trampoline program. To be eligible for consideration for the Elite Trampoline Development Center opening, a member clubs currently must have a competitive trampoline program with athletes competing at Level 8 or above this season. Clubs may have been a previous TDC, but this is not a requirement.

To apply either 2020 TDC opportunity, please click here for the TDC Application. The completed application is due Monday, December 9th, 2019.

The TDC program debuted in 2013 to further develop trampoline and tumbling in the United States by incorporating the sport into the curriculum in gyms across the nation, expanding its Olympic pipeline. Since the launch of TDC program, the trampoline and tumbling program has grown and the Elite TDC option was added in to enhance the program.

Joy Umenhofer-Stovall, a member of the national trampoline staff, makes three visits to each TDC club to educate the gym, its coaches and athletes about trampoline. When Umenhofer-Stovall visits the TDC clubs, she hosts clinics to educate club staff on scheduling, coaching and teaching trampoline, basic skills, conditioning and flexibility, and progressions; talent identification development programs; and interactive coach and athlete training sessions. Each club also receives marketing materials, operational guidelines and curriculum support. In addition, other clubs in the area are encouraged to attend the coach education sessions and learn about expanding their programming to include trampoline.

Athletes of all ages and body types can enjoy and benefit from trampoline, which also enhances skill development across all gymnastics disciplines. Trampoline may also retain athletes who are looking for something different or need to adjust to accommodate outside scheduling challenges. The artistic gymnastics and trampoline competitive seasons complement one another, which makes it is possible for an athlete to participate in both. Many U.S gym clubs already have trampoline as part of their programming.

For more information, please visit USA Gymnastics Trampoline Development Center Program.