Clarification regarding JO scoring process
posted on 11/04/2019

Following the releases of the annual updates to the R&P and T210, there has been some confusion as to JO scoring for 2020. It appears there is concern about changes affecting competitions, however this should not be the case and 2020 meets can continue to use the same method as previous seasons. The choice in scoring methods was introduced to make it easier to run elite mobility sessions without changing the scoring system mid-event.

JO levels have the following choices:

  1. Add the total E score for each execution Judge to determine the valid E score for each pass. This is the same JO scoring process as previous years, and is likely to still be the preferred way to determine the E score since lower level trampoline only has two E judges.
  2. Skill-by-skill deductions where the middle deduction is used to determine the valid E score and then multiplied times the appropriate number for each discipline.
    This is the scoring process used in Elite in the U.S.
  3. Use the middle E score for TU / DMT as the valid E score and multiply times three.
    This is the alternative scoring process used to mimic the FIG system, for Elite mobility meets without skill-by-skill capability.