Maia Cup Selection Event updated information
posted on 11/11/2008

Below are updates to the 2009 Maia Cup Selection Event information.

TARIFF SHEETS: Coaches are to use the new FIG Tables of Difficulty when submitting tariff sheets. Tariff Sheets must be in-hand no later than Friday, January 2, 2009. Coaches are required to submit one copy of each routine. Tariff Sheets are to be submitted to the National Office via US mail, fax (please use heavy black ink) and or email.
QUALIFICATION: No prior competition experience is required to participate in the 11-16 category. In the 12-19 and Senior category, all athletes within a given pair/group, must have competition experience at Level 9 or above, prior to competing at the selection event.
TEAM USA: USA Gymnastics will send an official delegation to attend the 2009 Maia Cup. The Acrobatic Gymnastics Program Committee, with final approval from the USA Gymnastics President, will select the athletes who will represent the USA in Maia, Portugal. No maximum number of pair/groups has been set for the USA Delegation. The Acrobatic Gymnastics Program Committee is under no obligation to select a pair/group from each of the five disciplines or fill all available positions (if limited) on the team. Athletes will show proof of readiness by presenting a balance, dynamic and combined routine. Final scores and placement from the selection event will be considered. Team USA is not determined solely from rank. Difficulty score, execution, and artistic judging criteria including presentation ranking by committee members will be considered. Team USA and officials will be announced following the selection event and committee meetings by the Acrobatic Gymnastics Program Director.
MAIA CUP INFORMATION: Qualifications and Finals in all five categories.
  • Qualifications: 1 Balance & 1 Dynamic exercise
  • Finals: top six or eight or top twelve of qualifications, depending on the amount of pair/groups per category (1 to 8 - finalists; 9 to 16 - 8 finalists; more than 16 - 12 finalists). No limit per country into finals.
  • Juniors and Seniors: Final - Combined
  • Age Group: Choice between Balance or Dynamic exercise
ESTIMATED COST: $2000 per athlete; minimal funding will be provided to each current JONT and NT athlete. Exact support will be disclosed at the Maia Cup Team Meeting following conclusion of the selection event.

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