2008 National Team Training Camp update
posted on 11/06/2008

The 2008 National Team Training Camp will take place November 21-25, 2008 at Karolyi Gymnastics Center in Huntsville, Texas. Below are updates as of Nov. 6

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    One copy of each tariff sheet (one per exercise) must be submitted the National Office for skills testing at National Team Training Camp. Tariff sheets must list the pair/group and individual skills to be performed during the testing. Pair/groups will not receiving testing credit for skills not included on the tariff sheets. Deadline to submit a required tariff sheet is Friday, November 14.

    Reminder - minor changes can be made to the tariff sheets up to the beginning of testing. Changes must be communicated to all evaluators through the skills testing lead evaluator. Once testing begins, no additional changes can be made to the tariff sheets, including adding or modifying elements. Rules for completion of the tariff sheets (Specifications Section 6.0).

    A schedule will be posted shortly providing exact days and times of skills testing for your athletes.


    Marie Annonson
    Marie first competed as an athlete in acrobatics on Tonya Case's team, California Acrosports Team (CAT), in Sacramento, Ca. From 1999-2002 she competed women's pair at numerous International events and at the 2000 and 2002 World Championships. During her athletic career her pair earned bronze at the 2001 Azur Acro Cup in Antibes, France; silver at the 2002 Machuga Cup Competition in Krasnodar, Russia; and silver at the 2002 Flanders Cup in Purrs, Belgium. In 2003 she started coaching and has taken numerous pair/groups to National and International competitions from 2004-present. Notable accomplishments her pair/groups have earned are National Team members, National Champions, 2006 IAGC World Team, 2008 gold medal in Swidnica, Poland, 2008 IAGC and World Team, and the silver at the 2008 World Championships. Marie currently owns and coaches West Coast Training Center in Livermore, Ca.

    Youri Vorobyev
    Youri, a former coach for the Russian Gymnastics Federation, has been in the United States coaching acrobatic gymnastics for several years. Owner and head coach at Realis Gymnastics in California, Youri is one of the top coaches in the USA. He coached Arthur Davis and Shenea Booth who won the gold medal at the 2002 and 2004 Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championships. To date, this is the USA's only gold medal at this level of competition. In addition, he has coached Michael Rodrigues and Clare Brunson who won the bronze medal at the 2006 Acro World Championships.

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