Registration for 2019/2020 Season Now Open!
posted on 06/20/2019

Members may now register and renew memberships for the 2019/2020 competitive season. Any membership paid for at this time will receive a membership expiration date of July 31, 2020.

Two "how to guides" have been developed to assist club administrators and individual members navigate the online registration system.

  • Club Administrator How to Guide - club administrators are encouraged to use the "club administrator how to guide" for an overview and step-by-step instructions on how to navigate the online club administration features, club rosters and more. Click here to view.
  • Membership Registration How to Guide - members and parent/guardians of minor members are encouraged to use the "membership registration how to guide" for instructions on how to register or renew individual memberships. Click here to view.

New Season Online Registration Overview

  • Parents/guardians will be able to login to the USA Gymnastics website with their own username and password to register or renew their children's membership.
  • Clubs no longer need to send an emailed invite link to the parents/guardians. Rather, the club administrator will have the ability to click a button via the club roster that will send parents/guardians an email with renewal instructions.
  • For security purposes, clubs no longer have the ability to add an existing member to the club roster. Individuals must add/update club affiliation online via the "My Profile" page.
  • All adult (18+) members are responsible for logging into the USA Gymnastics website with his/her username and password to register/renew his/her membership.
  • A non-member can affiliate with a club by logging into the USA Gymnastics website and adding the club to his/her profile.
  • Clubs are required to obtain a member club membership to participate in any USA Gymnastics-sanctioned event.
  • Owners/managing directors of a member club must hold an active professional membership to renew the member club's membership.
  • Club administrators will notice that there is no longer a separate athlete or professional roster. Rather, all rosters have been combined and renamed, Club Roster. Club administrators will be able to use the new filter features on the roster page to view members affiliated with the club.

Mail/Fax Registration Option

  • A paper application form is available for individuals who would prefer to fax or mail their membership registration.
  • Click here to access membership application forms.
  • Check, credit card, or money orders are all accepted for mailed/faxed registrations.
  • Members should allow 3-5 weeks for processing mailed forms.

Membership Dues
The 2019/2020 membership dues are as follows and will become effective at the start of registration.

  • Athlete: $61
  • Introductory Athlete: $29
  • Professional: $93
  • Junior Professional: $93
  • Instructor: $15
  • Member Club: $225