National Technical Committee and Junior Olympic Committee Minutes from 8/1/08
posted on 09/12/2008
  • National Technical Committee Minutes - August 1, 2008
    Includes: Tariff sheet penalties, Revised tariff sheet and minor tariff sheet change form, Late diagram penalty, RTCC and coordinator job descriptions, Qualifications to be assistant meet referee at Nationals, Judges' mileage, Uniforms, Region communication channels, Level 8 tumbling requirements, Judge's panels, Level 4 and 5 artistry.

  • Junior Olympic Committee Minutes - August 1, 2008
    Includes: 2008 USA international track proposal, JO National Team, USA level 9 age group change, Level 10 rule change, Maximum age, Level 9 and 10 foot-to-hand clarifications, Level 7 women's group revisions, Level 7 women's pairs revisions, Level 7 mixed pairs revisions, Level 7 men's pairs revisions, Level 7 men's group revisions, Level 7 individual skills, Level 6 women's pair revision, Level 5 choreography, Level 1-4 compulsory music, Level 4 and 5 CJP deduction, Pre-team program, Level mobility changes, Rule change.

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