August Member Services E-Newsletter
posted on 08/05/2008
Issue: #3 August 1, 2008
A Clean Facility Makes for a Good Impression...and Can Attract New Students

You don't get a second chance to make a good first impression. Just as the Olympics roll around and increased emphasis and excitement surround our sport, many potential clients will be evaluating gymnastics clubs this fall. A clean and well organized facility can go a long way with parents and may be the deciding factor in joining your program. Cleanliness is also the foundation of a safe environment. Here are some tips for cleaning up and maintaining your facility.

  • Start with the restrooms. Make them pleasing to all the senses. Continue this in your lobby, observation areas, front office, pro-shop, and in the teaching/gym areas.
  • Focus on the safety and organization of your facility layout. Establish open pathways and a logical flow through the gym. Identify and eliminate hazards. Store unused equipment and props.
  • Establish a cleaning schedule that includes daily cleaning as well as special operations. Daily cleaning should include:
  • Straightening up the lobby and reception areas by picking up trash, tidying magazines, keeping counters free of clutter and replacing used forms and supplies, wiping or dusting all surfaces, neatly arranging chairs and furniture, cleaning glass doors and windows, and vacuuming and/or moping the floors.
  • Cleaning the gym areas by vacuuming the floor exercise carpet(s) and other floor surfaces, organizing all mats and equipment, keeping cubbie areas clean and uncluttered, removing trash, moping mats and hardwood floors, and cleaning the water fountain.
  • Cleaning and stocking the restrooms. Thoroughly clean all restrooms, remove trash, and replace needed supplies like toilet paper, hand soap, and paper towels.
  • Special cleaning needs may include: cleaning and organizing storage areas; removing cobwebs from ceilings, corners, and walls; detailing carpets; moping, disinfecting, and rinsing all mats and hardwood floors; dusting all areas in the gym; painting (touch up) doorframes, trim, lobby areas, and cubbies; cleaning bulletin boards, banners, and flags; washing waste baskets - inside and out; cleaning baseboards; cleaning pit areas and replacing old foam.
  • Don't forget the outside of your facility. Clean up the parking lot, pick up trash, maintain landscaping, clean windows and doors, maintain sidewalks, etc.
All staff should help with cleaning activities. Club owners and directors may lead the charge, but all staff should take an active role in maintaining the cleanliness and safety of the facility.

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Sources: Best Practices for the Gymnastics Business (by Michael Taylor, Publisher: USA Gymnastics), Gym Marketing for Dummies (by Randy Sikora, Technique 2000


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New Season Reminders

Safety/Risk Management Reminders & Congratulations to Our Service Award Winners

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Aug 3 - Tucker, GA
Aug 8 - Downers Grove IL
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Aug 14 - Burlington, MA
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Aug 21 - Santa Clara, CA
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Aug 29 - Austin, TX
Sept 6 - Columbia, SC
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Oct 12 - Portland, OR
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Preschool Fundamentals Pt. 2: Hands on Training
Aug 17 Burlington, MA
Aug 23 - Easley, SC
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Sept 13 - Tolland, CT
Sept 14 - Windsor, CT
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Oct 12 - Portland, OR

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Membership: New Season Reminders

It is August 1st and the 2008-2009 competitive season is officially opened. The USA Gymnastics website has been completely updated with all of the 2008-2009 forms along with helpful FAQ's to help guide you along the way.

Please read below for a few friendly reminders in preparing for the new season.

  • All participants on the competition floor at a sanction USA Gymnastics event must have a current USA Gymnastics membership.
  • Athletes Level 4 and above must hold a Regular Athlete membership
  • Introductory memberships are for Level 1, 2, 3 and women's Prep Opt. and Group Gymnastics Level A & B.
  • Professional membership must be held by all coaches and judges age 18 and older. Membership must be current and active. Memberships that are pending are not valid for being on the floor at a sanctioned event.
  • All professional members must have a current safety certification and have passed a background check. If this is missing the member will be placed in a pending status.
  • Junior Professional membership must be held for all coaches and judges ages 16 and 17 years of age. They must also have current safety certification. Introductory coaches are those who only coach Level 1,2,3, Prep Opt and Group Gymnastics with stated limitations. These coaches must also have safety/risk management certification.
  • Sanctions: Request sanctions for competitions a minimum of 30 days prior to the event. You should apply even earlier if you wish to have your meet listed on the website as a member Club benefit. Remember Foreign Sanctions applications should be into the office a minimum of 120 days prior to the competition.
Please note affective August 1, 2008 all in house processing will require an additional $5.00 processing/handling fee. Many of our procedures already maintained this business rule. This will be new to educational courses.

Please contact the Member Services Department for any other questions. We thank you for your continued support and wish you a successful 2008-2009 season!

USA Gymnastics Member Services Department
Phone Hours: Monday 12:30pm-5:30pm eastern standard time
Tuesday - Friday 8:30am-5:30pm eastern standard time
1-800-345-4719 toll free


Education: Safety/Risk Management Reminders.
Congratulations to our 2008 Service Award Winners!


The new season is officially open. Take time now to make sure your membership and education requirements are current and up-to-date and to see what educational opportunities are available in your area. Visit our USA Gymnastics University website to view the latest schedules and to learn about other courses of interest.

Below are a few notes related to safety/risk management certification:

  • Professional, Junior Professional and Introductory Coach members are required to be safety/risk management certified.
  • Safety certification may be renewed up to one year prior to your current expiration date. No time will be lost from the current certification time.
  • Professional members with unexpired safety/risk management certification may recertify at a live course for only $5. This $5 offer does not apply to the online course.
  • Availability of live safety/risk management certification courses is limited. You need to plan ahead to renew prior to your expiration date. Pre-registration is important to ensure the course will be held as scheduled. Courses are subject to cancellation if minimum registration quotas aren't met.
  • Safety/risk management courses will be held at all regional and national congresses.Please note that on site registration is subject to an additional $ 25.00 late fee in addition to the regular registration fee.
  • The cost of live safety/risk management course is $65 if you pre-register online. There is a $5 processing fee for registration forms that are mailed or faxed to us for in-house processing.
  • The online safety course is available 365/24/7. The fee is $ 65.00 for all members. Upon payment of the registration fee, you have access to the course for 30 days. You can take the course all at once, or in sections. You must complete the course and pass the exam within the 30 days.

Congratulations to the 2008 Service Award Winners

Member Services Star Service Award winner Bob Mancino (pictured with Tania Heath of USA Gymnastics)

Educational Services Star Service Award winner Bobbi Montanari (right; pictured with Carisa Laughon of USA Gymnastics)


Clubs: USA Today Insert and National Marketing Campaign

USA Gymnastics is running an 8-page insert in USA Today on Friday, August 15 to over 2.5 Million readers. All USA Gymnastics Member Clubs' name, phone, city and state will be printed in the USA Today insert and shown on the new website,

As a Member Club, you will receive two free posters (pictured here). They will arrive in early August. You will also have access to a special web site to download this national marketing campaign, a PSA radio spot and ads that promote gymnastics on the grassroots level.

If you have questions about the USA Today insert and National Marketing Campaign, contact Loree Galimore at for more information.

Click on the image to view larger versions of the posters


USA Gymnastics is a non-for-profit organization which is the sole national governing body (NGB) for the sport of gymnastics in the United States. Our mission is to increase public awareness of, and encourage participation in, all aspects of gymnastics, and to support athletes in their pursuit of competitive excellence.

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