USA Gymnastics CEO Position Summary
posted on 12/21/2018

This position summary for the chief executive officer for USA Gymnastics provides the key points in the position description. A more detailed posting is available here. Individuals interested in learning more or providing their credentials for consideration may send an email with that information to

There is no more important or impactful leadership role to be filled in the current landscape of American-based sports and society than that of the Chief Executive Officer of USA Gymnastics. At this critical moment, USAG seeks a transformative, communicative, collaborative, transparent, inspiring, and courageous Chief Executive Officer of unquestioned integrity and character. This new leader will be tasked to thoughtfully and inclusively restructure the organization and its culture from its challenging recent past into an era of unquestioned organizational management and oversight, with a clear mandate for athlete-centrism and individual safety and care. In an increasingly complex sports, corporate, media, technological, cultural and socio-political environment, the position will require a fearless individual who will lead the organization, its athletes and its diverse membership consistently in an open, honest, and authentic way.

The CEO will create a 24/7/365 environment of trust and engagement that protects, inspires, supports, and promotes gymnasts; addresses head-on any and all barriers to transforming the culture to provide safety throughout the gymnastics community; espouses the positive role of gymnastics and sports in American society; establishes clear communication and standards with and between gymnastics’ complex national and international stakeholders and constituents; and develops and maintains positive relationships with individuals at the highest levels of the Olympic movement through to local club owners and first-time gymnastics participants and their families. She/he has equal charge to establish, implement and oversee USAG’s societal and cultural responsibilities alongside its fiduciary and financial goals, strategies, plans and policies in a manner that develops, protects, enhances and promotes gymnastics in the United States and on the world’s competitive stage.

While overseeing the organization, its athletes, staff, members, and partners, the CEO will report directly to the USAG Board of Directors and work closely with the Board to ensure the success of the organization. She/he will be responsible for leading and developing a high-performing and passionate administrative team, as well as working collaboratively with Safe Sport and other officials to lead overall athlete safety programs, in addition to driving the key business-building strategic, financial, development, programming/content, product/technology, operational, human capital and branding aspects of the organization. The role is based in the Indianapolis, Indiana headquarters.


    Reports to - USA Gymnastics Board of Directors

    Direct reports
    • Chief Financial Officer
    • Chief Membership Officer
    • Chief Administrative Officer
    • Chief Programs Officer (currently vacant)
    • Chief Legal Officer (currently vacant)
    • Chief Marketing Officer (currently vacant)
    Other key relationships
    • Current, Aspiring, and Former Gymnasts
    • USAG Staff and Volunteers
    • Membership Base (of approximately 200,000)
    • Club Owners and Coaches
    • United States Olympic Committee Officials
    • SafeSport
    • Key Marketing and Media Partners
    • Sponsors
    • International Federation
    • Foreign National Governing Bodies of Gymnastics
    • Other US National Governing Bodies of Sport
    • United States Government Representatives
    • American Public
  • Lead an organizational and cultural transformation to rebuild trust and move the USAG forward in a positive and inclusive manner.
  • Ensure transparency in all USAG operations and activities to build the desired organizational and public trust.
  • Paramount to the above, and underlying all elements of the CEO position, work consistently and deliberately at all times to ensure the safety of all gymnasts and the environments in which they train and compete.
  • Partner with the leadership of the United States Olympic Committee to proactively develop and implement impactful resources to the broad reaching gymnastics community.
  • Work collaboratively across the entirety of the sport and USAG’s membership base to lead, improve, and continually assess relationships and engagement with athletes and the support systems made available to them.
  • Provide servant leadership and visible action as a steward and spokesperson for USAG internally, domestically and globaly, to deliver an authentic, factual, and integrity-based message that accurately communicates the organization’s value proposition on behalf of its athletes, members, and stakeholders.
  • In close partnership with the Board and other governance officials as needed or required, develop a strategy for achieving the mission, goals and objectives for the USAG, with clear and structured reporting mechanisms.
  • Build and lead a management team and organization structure the enables USAG to serve its members, deliver on it strategic objectives and ensure the safety and well being of its members.
  • Create a safe and caring high-performance environment for athletes, staff and coaches at the elite level of the sport that supports competitive excellence through the management of all staff functions, including oversight of physical training locations, performance goals and metrics, all athlete services and business services.
  • Drive the generation of new revenue streams and maintain existing partnerships.
  • Understand the importance of the commercial viability of the organization and lead its numerous and complex business transactions on behalf of membership, including media rights, sponsorship agreements, and host city agreements, among others.
  • Allocate resources properly and transparently to achieve the mission, goals and objectives of the USAG, its athletes, and its membership base.
  • Encourage and advocate for an organization-wide cultural climate that inspires and supports innovative thinking and problem solving by staff and membership and reminds individuals within all constituent bases at all levels to speak up and suggest better ways of highlighting best practices.
  • Prepare, manage and submit budgets as required to the Board.
  • Oversee coordination of the financial activities of the departments of USAG, including budgets, spending, and respective goals and objectives.
  • Build relationships with government and regulatory bodies, as well as key international counterparts.
  • Create, develop, and implement inclusive strategies to expand overall participation and engagement in gymnastics, especially regarding the expansion of the membership base and ongoing participation at the high school level and beyond.
  • Oversee all elements of safety, legal, and administrative compliance.
  • Embrace challenging situations and seek to find solutions and opportunities by creating an inclusive and stimulating organizational (performance and corporate) and membership environment in which voices are heard, best practices are enforced, and all are held accountable to a consistent standard of integrity and behavior.