World Trampoline and Tumbling Championships Training Camp update - Nov. 6
posted on 11/06/2018

Today capped off three days of training in St. Petersburg. Russia, for our U.S. World Trampoline and Tumbling Team. The decision to travel to Baku has proved to be a wise one, as our athletes have been showing consistent improvements and refinements as we near competition. Knock on wood, the small injuries are being well-managed by our medical team. Nicole had a small scare with an ankle issue last week, but she is back bouncing as well as ever and looking strong.

Competition lineups this year are done by random draw. At certain times we will have athletes warming up and competing at the same time, which emphasizes the importance of developing a coaching strategy to make sure the right people are in the right place at all times. This can be a complex process, but we have a plan ready to execute.

Unfortunately, today started with the news that the U.S. Olympic Committee has begun the process to decertify USA Gymnastics. Having this happen the day before we begin competing at our World Championships was upsetting and unsettling for everyone who has worked so hard to be here. Thankfully with support from the International Gymnastics Federation, the athletes were reassured that they will still be able to compete. Everyone did a great job of focusing and pushing through their final preparations. I am so impressed with the way this group of athletes and coaches have dealt with such a major disruption right before the most important meet of the year.

We are ready, here in St. Petersburg, to represent the United States to the best of our ability and make our country, teammates, family and friends proud.