Acrobatic Gymnastics Spotlight of the Month - Katie and Eily Corbett
posted on 08/29/2018

Twin sisters Katie and Eily Corbett of West Coast Training Center in Livermore, California, competed at the 2018 USA Gymnastics Championships in Greensboro, North Carolina, in the Junior Olympic Level 8 Women’s Pair category. Because the twins do not compete together as a pair, they competed against each other, finishing first and second.

How long have you been competing in acrobatic gymnastics?
Katie: One year, but I competed in artistic for six years.
Eily: I am going into my eighth year of acro.

Do you prefer balance or dynamic?
K: Pair - balance; Trio - dynamic
E: It depends. As a top, I preferred dynamic, but as a base I prefer balance.

Do your partners ever get the two of you confused?
K: No, everyone at our gym knows us well enough to tell us apart.
E: Not our partners, just sometimes our teammates.

Have you ever thought about competing together as trio bases?
K: Yes, we've tried out together a couple times this off-season.
E: Yes.

How did it feel finishing first and second at the USA Gymnastics Championships?
K: It felt great to stand next to my sister on the podium for the first time in seven years, when we last competed together in artistic gymnastics.
E: I was very excited for the both of us. We did some of our best routines of the season.

What is your best memory from competition?
K: Playing together with our tops after the ATA meet and having lots of fun.
E: Sitting outside at States and talking with my basing friends.

What do you look forward to in acrobatic gymnastics? Do you have any specific goals for next season?
K: My goal is to compete internationally and go to Worlds in two years.
E: I would like to compete internationally again and hopefully be able to compete at Worlds in 2020.

What is the best thing about competing in acrobatic gymnastics?
K: Getting to spend so much time with your partner and with your friends.
E: I love being able to connect with my teammates/friends, and I love being able to see all of my hard work pay off.