Acro Spotlight of the Month - July 2018
posted on 08/02/2018
Each month, the Acrobatic Gymnastics Program will recognize an athlete, coach or administrator for their performance or contributions.

July 2018

Sean Butehorn, Daniel Disman, Grant Shields, & Sean Shields, 12-18 men’s group
Emilia’s Acro Gymnastic and Cheer, Laurel, Maryland

How long have you been partners?
“We’ve been partners for four years.”

What is your favorite skill and routine that you perform?
“Our favorite skill is a tsuk full!”

With two Seans in the group, how do you avoid confusion?
“We use our last initials when differentiating between the two Seans, i.e. Sean B. and Sean S.”

What is your training schedule like?
“Up until the school year ended, we trained 5 days a week for three hours each practice.”

You recently competed at the World Age Group Competitions in Antwerp, Belgium, and won a bronze medal. What was your trip like?
“The trip was a lot of fun. We made tons of friends from other countries. We went sightseeing every day, which was a blast!”

What was the competition like?
“The competition was also a lot of fun, but it was also a little stressful because we had to really focus in on all of the details. We wanted to make a perfect performance.”

How did it feel when you knew you were bringing home a medal for Team USA?
“We felt really relieved after earning third place. We felt like we weren't going to make it on the podium because of how fierce the competition was. We are very proud of ourselves, our coaches, and each other.”

What is the best thing about acrobatic gymnastics?
“The best thing about acro is the lasting friendships and the people you meet. The other really cool part of acro is all of the challenges you face on a daily basis. We've all learned very valuable problem-solving skills from this sport and its challenges.”

This pair group has accomplished many amazing things together. Although the pair/group has officially retired from competing together, we hope to see them in future events and wish them a most successful and bright future.