USA Gymnastics provides Deborah Daniels report update
posted on 07/24/2018

USA Gymnastics has been, and continues to be, focused on building a culture that encourages, empowers and supports athletes, and prioritizes athlete safety and well-being. The implementation of the recommendations in the “Deborah Daniels Report” is one of the important and concrete ways USA Gymnastics measures its progress in its athlete-focused efforts. As of today, 86 percent of the recommendations are either implemented or in progress. USA Gymnastics is committed to putting 100 percent of the recommendations in place.

“Report to USA Gymnastics on Proposed Policy and Procedural Changes for the Protection of Young Athletes” is the formal title of the Daniels report, dated June 26, 2017. Deborah J. Daniels, a former federal prosecutor and a partner at Krieg DeVault LLP, conducted an independent review and evaluation of USA Gymnastics’ policies and procedures for handling safe sport matters, with assistance from Praesidium, a company that specializes in preventing sexual abuse within youth-serving organizations.

USA Gymnastics has created a visual progress report that shows each recommendation and its related status. Four categories of implementation are represented, and the progress report may be filtered by the four status categories. Information about each recommendation – how it has been put into effect and/or the plan for completion – may be viewed by clicking on the recommendation. The progress report will be updated to reflect when “in progress” recommendations become “implemented.” USA Gymnastics has created a dedicated website,, that contains the progress report for the Deborah Daniels report and other pertinent information.

The four status categories are as follows.

  • Implemented: The recommendation has been completed and the specific implementation task or policy change is documented.
  • In progress: Actionable work has been done on the recommendation.
  • Ongoing: These recommendations necessitate ongoing activities, initiatives and other actions which may require not only specific action, but also continued cultural improvement that is ongoing.
  • Planning: Reviewing, planning and preparing for initiating activities is underway, including steps that need to be in place before a recommendation moves to "in progress" status.

The USA Gymnastics leadership team, volunteer leaders, committee members and staff are dedicated to achieving implementation of all the recommendations in a thoughtful, meaningful and attainable manner. The organization appreciates the hard work and efforts of Ms. Daniels and Praesidium, as well as our members and club owners who have and continue to serve on committees and advisory groups who contribute to the organization’s ability to achieve its goal of implementing 100 percent of the recommendations.

USA Gymnastics is committed to implementing these important recommendations in ways that achieve the intent and are workable for the gymnastics community. The end result will be a stronger and more empowered organization for our athletes to follow their dreams and thrive in a sport that promotes their safety and well-being as its highest priority.