J.O. Championships update
posted on 06/02/2008

1. Deadlines - June 4 is the deadline to enter J.O. Championships and is also the deadline for placing program ads. Please pass this information to the person in your gym who is responsible.

2. T&T Online Registration - Many of you have already completed your online entries - thank you! If you feel you have completed the process, I would like to ask you to go back to the online registration and make sure when you click on Event Summary it shows the following sentence: "Submission Status: You have already made your final submission."

If it says: "Submission Status: You have not made your final submission yet", that means that we will not be able to process your entries. All you need to do is click on Final Submission, review your entries to make sure they are correct, then click on "Make My Final Submission" at the bottom of the page. That step is a little confusing, since it seems as if clicking Final Submission might be all you need.

3. Awards - Please note that overall awards are for 1st - 6th place this year. This is to make the award sessions more timely and less chaotic, and to give greater recognition to the top athletes.

4. Dress Code - Coaches and athletes are being asked to take a step toward looking more professional this year. Please make sure that athletes are wearing only competition attire at all training, warm-up and competition sessions. Trampoline athletes may wear competition shorts during training. Coaches will wear full team warm-ups or warm-up pants with team polo or t-shirt. No shorts or other types of pants allowed.

5. The detailed schedule will be made available as soon as possible after the entry deadline. We do know that everyone is anxious for it, but have found that it makes for a better championships if we do the schedule after the entries are received.