Regional Committee Chairs and Athlete Representatives Election Results
posted on 06/20/2018

USA Gymnastics Acrobatic Gymnastics Program congratulates the newly elected regional committee chairs and athlete representatives. USA Gymnastics thanks the individuals currently in each of these regional positions for their service, as well as everyone who participated in the election process. We look forward to working with the new committee representatives when their terms begin on August 1, 2018.

Region 1

    Regional Administrative Committee Chair (RACC) - Bob Meier
    Regional Junior Olympic Committee Chair (RJOCC) - Andre Solodar
    Regional Technical Committee Chair (RTCC) - Kathie Kanavel
    Regional Judges Coordinator (RJC) - Lori Staff
    Regional Athlete Representative (RAR) - Axel Osborne

Region 3

    Regional Administrative Committee Chair (RACC) - Julie Dupree
    Regional Junior Olympic Committee Chair (RJOCC) - Nicole Barrilleaux
    Regional Technical Committee Chair (RTCC) - Brandi Wren
    Regional Judges Coordinator (RJC) - Ivan Ivanov
    Regional Athlete Representative (RAR) - Samantha Conway

Region 4

    Regional Administrative Committee Chair (RACC) - Heather Zepp
    Regional Junior Olympic Committee Chair (RJOCC) - Ronda Francis
    Regional Technical Committee Chair (RTCC) - Holly King
    Regional Judges Coordinator (RJC) - Michell Suljak
    Regional Athlete Representative (RAR) - Savannah Sheilds

Region 5

    Regional Administrative Committee Chair (RACC) - Angie Layne
    Regional Junior Olympic Committee Chair (RJOCC) - Taylor Coombs
    Regional Technical Committee Chair (RTCC) - Trisha Leveque (Stewart)
    Regional Judges Coordinator (RJC) - Jessica Taylor
    Regional Athlete Representative (RAR) - Jayme Maynard

Region 7

    Regional Administrative Committee Chair (RACC) - Karen Freed
    Regional Junior Olympic Committee Chair (RJOCC) - Juli Eicher
    Regional Technical Committee Chair (RTCC) - Cahdi Jones
    Regional Judges Coordinator (RJC) - Amy Grear
    Regional Athlete Representative (RAR) - Cameron Jones