2018-19 Membership Season - Registration Now OPEN
posted on 06/12/2018

With the arrival of the 2018-19 membership year, USA Gymnastics and the community can positively impact the sport of gymnastics by working together to build an environment that empowers, encourages and supports athletes and the entire membership. This membership year brings changes in many areas, some to comply with the new federal legislation, the USA Gymnastics Safe Sport Policy, the recommendations from the Deborah Daniels report, and/or refining policies and procedures.

The opening of the new season is a good time to learn about important updates and reminders. We believe the modifications will enable USA Gymnastics to emerge as a stronger, better and more focused organization.

Independent membership registration - Beginning with the upcoming season, all USA Gymnastics members will register themselves for USA Gymnastics membership. This important system enhancement will allow USA Gymnastics to strengthen its safe sport and education outreach to all members, including athletes and parents/guardians, while providing members with additional information about USA Gymnastics' membership policies and agreements.

So how does this actually work for athletes?
The most substantial change in the membership process for athletes is transitioning the online payment process to the parent/guardian or the adult athlete.

For the most part, club administrators will continue to use the same functionality that currently exists with the athlete roster.

  • Adding and removing athletes to club’s roster.
  • Assigning the athlete’s competitive level.
  • Reserving/Registering athletes into sanctioned competitions.

Club administrators will continue to access the athlete roster information online. When they select the “renewal” button next to each gymnast’s name, the system will automatically generate an email to the parent/guardian of a minor athlete or directly to the adult athlete who is 18 years or older.

The parent/guardian or adult athlete then receives the registration email that includes a link to the membership system. By clicking the link, the parent/guardian or adult athlete can either sign in or create a user profile that allows them to pay for the athlete’s membership.

The entire process for the parent/guardian or adult athlete should take just a few minutes.

For athletes new to USA Gymnastics, the process is essentially the same, except instead of selecting the “renew” button, the club administrator will click on the “invite new” button to generate the registration email.

How does a club know if athletes are active?
Once the parent/guardian or adult athlete has paid for the membership, the parent/guardian/adult athlete and the club administrator will receive an email confirming the membership payment. The athlete will also appear as active on the club’s athlete roster.

If needed, club administrators may resend the registration email to a parent/guardian or adult athlete at any time by visiting the athlete roster page and clicking on the “renewal” or “invite new” button.

How does a junior professional or instructor member under the age of 18 register?
For instructor and junior professional members under the age of 18, the process is similar to the athlete process. The only difference is the club sends the renewal email to the parent or guardian via the club’s professional roster.

How does a professional or instructor member register?
The adult professional or instructor member is responsible for logging in to the USA Gymnastics website with his/her username and password to register/renew his/her membership. Clubs will no longer be able to renew memberships for professional or instructor members via the club’s professional roster page.

This process is similar to how members currently access their profiles to submit their criminal background check or to access the USA Gymnastics U101: Safety/Risk Management Course or U110: Safe Sport course.

What if paying by credit card is not an option?
A paper application form is available for individuals who are unable to provide payment via a credit/debit card.

For the 2018-19 season, an individual may mail in the completed membership application and payment by check or money order. Credit card payments will not be accepted for mail-in applications.

Members should allow 3-5-weeks for processing mailed forms.

What is communicated to parents/guardians and adult athletes?
The new registration process allows USA Gymnastics to communicate directly with parents/guardians, adult athletes and professional/instructor members about important safe sport policy information and the membership agreement.

The parent’s/guardian’s communication will be pertinent to his/her child’s USA Gymnastics membership and safe-sport-related education and resources.

Do you have questions about the new process?
A complete step-by-step “How to Guide for Club Administrators” has been developed to assist club administrators with this new process. Click here to view.

2018-19 membership season pricing

  • Introductory Athlete, $27
  • Athlete, * $59
  • Professional, $91 (includes 1 discipline-additional discipline $15/discipline)
  • Instructor, $15
  • Junior professional, $91 (includes 1 discipline-additional discipline $15/discipline)
  • Member club, $225
  • Domestic sanction, $140

*Those participating in the Women's Xcel Division’s gold, platinum and diamond levels must register for an athlete membership ($59).

U110: Safe Sport Course Requirement
With the new membership season, the U110 Safe Sport Certificate will be valid for one year.

As a reminder, anyone over the age of 18 who holds a professional or an instructor membership is required to have a current U110: Safe Sport Certificate to be a member in good standing. Starting August 1, 2018, members who fail to maintain current U110 status will have their membership marked pending, which means they are ineligible to participate in USA Gymnastics-sanctioned events or to obtain USA Gymnastics University certification until the U110: Safe Sport Certificate is current.

Member club registration requirements
Only member clubs may enter an athlete into USA Gymnastics-sanctioned events and/or host sanctioned events. As a reminder, all member clubs must have the mandatory requirements in place prior to applying for a member club membership.

Also, the owner/managing director of a member club, must be a current professional member prior to renewing the member club’s membership. To prevent delays in the member club renewal process, the owner/managing director must first renew their professional membership. Click here to review the requirements.

USA Gymnastics reserves the right to “audit” a member club to affirm the membership requirements are being followed. Failure to adhere to member club requirements will result in the loss of member club status and all benefits associated with the membership.

Member Services is Here to Help
USA Gymnastics recognizes that change can, at times, be difficult, but it is necessary to transform the organization to reflect its dedication to creating a highly empowered culture. If members or parents have questions, the Member Services Department is available via phone or email to assist.

USA Gymnastics appreciates its members and their dedication to the sport, to their athletes and to keeping the best interests of the athletes at the heart of everything they do.