2008 Future Stars Update #1
posted on 05/19/2008

To: Members of the Junior Men's Coaching Community
From: Jeff Robinson – Junior Olympic Program Coordinator
Re: 2008 Future Stars Season and National Championships

Many of you are now beginning their training of the Future Stars Program for the 2008 season and there are several questions have to be answered. There have been many changes in the Jr. Olympic Men's Program in the last two years and the decision has been made to change the Future Stars Program in 2009 instead of in 2008.

As a result, the Future Stars Program will not make any substantial changes in either routines or competition format for the 2008 season. All currently published routines including the trampoline routines are still valid. We will be conducting trampoline as an exhibition event at this year's Future Stars National Championships but it will not yet be a mandatory part of the program. Trampoline is currently being tested in Region V and it's inclusion as an "exhibition or test-event" is encouraged, but still not mandatory at either the State or Regional level.

The scoring system will not change for this season either. This will be important to remember as the routines will still be scored with a 10 point maximum and the table of deductions will remain 1,2,3,5 instead of 1,3,5,8.

One of the projects for the Junior National Coaching Staff for the 2008 - 2009 transition will be to continue to develop the format for the assimilation of Trampoline as the 10th event and to work on the intricacies of the scoring system to bring it in line with other aspects of our program.

For the 2008 Future Stars Season, the routines you need are contained in the document titled: “2007-2008 USA Gymnastics Future Stars Jr. National Development Team Program”. This document is dated July 1, 2007 and is still in effect. This document is only available through our password protected download area accessible at the following link: http://www2.usa-gymnastics.org/men/download/m-FS2007-38june.pdf.

The username and password are available through your State and / or Regional Chairman. Also, if you intend to purchase the new J.O. Program Manual or attend any of the Age Group Competition Program Workshops, the text including the latest Future Stars Routines is included in this material. Thanks again for your hard work this J.O. Competitive season and good luck with your training for our upcoming 2008 Future Stars Season!

For USA Gymnastics,

Jeff Robinson
USA Gymnastics
Men’s Junior Olympic Program Coordinator
jrobinson@usa-gymnastics.org. 317.294.2444