What's New! 2018-19 New Season Updates
posted on 05/09/2018

With the arrival of the 2018-19 membership year, our entire organization and the community have an incredible opportunity to positively impact the sport of gymnastics by working together to support and further create an environment that empowers and supports athletes and the membership at large.

This year is bringing changes in many areas, some as the result of the new federal legislation, the USA Gymnastics Safe Sport Policy, the recommendations from the Deborah Daniels report, and/or refining policies and procedures.

Before the new season opens in mid-June, we wanted to take a moment to share a quick look at some important updates and reminders. We believe the modifications will enable USA Gymnastics to emerge as a stronger, better and more focused organization.

Independent and online only membership registration
Starting with the new season, all members of USA Gymnastics will independently register for USA Gymnastics membership. This means that clubs no longer will be responsible for paying for their club's individual professional and athlete memberships via the club administration tool.

Clubs will continue to assign competitive levels and register athletes into sanctioned competitions. After the club administrator submits an athlete's and parent/guardian's information in the athlete roster, an email with a specialized link will be sent automatically to the athlete or parent/guardian of a minor athlete to register and pay for the USA Gymnastics membership. The new registration process alleviates the club's responsibility for collecting and storing all of the USA Gymnastics membership applications.

This important system enhancement will allow USA Gymnastics to strengthen its safe sport outreach and education to all members, including athletes and parent/guardians, while providing members with additional information about USA Gymnastics' membership policies and agreements.

USA Gymnastics believes enhancing the current membership registration process is important, not only to foster an empowered gymnastics community that works together for athlete safety and well-being, but also to facilitate a process that is more streamlined and intuitive for members who are registering for membership.

2018-19 membership season pricing
The following price increases will take affect when registration begins for the new season. Moving forward, credit and debit cards will be accepted for online membership purchases. Credit card payments for membership registration will not be accepted if they are mailed, faxed or emailed. For convenience this first year, as an exception, checks will be accepted for membership registrations submitted via the mail with a $5 surcharge per membership.

  • Introductory Athlete $27
  • *Athlete $59
  • Professional $91
  • Instructor $15
  • Member club $225
  • Domestic sanction $140

* The instructor membership fee will remain $15.00. Those participating in the Women's Xcel Divisions gold, platinum and diamond must register under the $59 athlete membership.

As a reminder, anyone over the age of 18 who holds a professional or an instructor membership is required to have a current U110 Safe Sport Certificate to be a member. Members who fail to maintain current U110 status will have their membership marked pending, which means they are ineligible to participate in USA Gymnastics-sanctioned events or to obtain USA Gymnastics University certification. With the new membership season, the U110 Safe Sport Certificate will be valid for one year.

Reminder: Member club registration requirements
Only member clubs may enter an athlete into USA Gymnastics-sanctioned events and/or host sanctioned events. As a reminder, all member clubs are required have the following in place prior to applying for a member club membership. Click here to review the requirements.

USA Gymnastics has the right to audit a member club to affirm that membership requirements are being followed. Failure to adhere to member club requirements will result in the loss of member club status and all benefits associated with the membership.

Going forward
Over the next few weeks and months, members will receive more detailed information and materials for the new membership year. USA Gymnastics is committed to creating a culture that empowers and supports our athletes and focuses on our highest priority, the safety and well-being of our athletes. We hope everything we do going forward makes this very clear. We need everyone to work together to accomplish this for both the young men and women who are following their gymnastics dreams today and to honor those who have gone before.