Regional Administrative Committee Chair Voting is Now Open
posted on 04/05/2018

Regional Administrative Committee Chair
The Regional Administrative Committee Chair (Regional Chair) is a position elected in the second year of the quad (2018, 2022, 2026, etc.) by the Region member teams prior to Regional Chair Training. Term of office begins August 1 in the second year of the quad. The Regional Chair oversees the business and affairs of the Regional Association and will preside at all meetings of the Regional Administrative Committee.

Requirements to hold the position of Regional Chair:

  • Must be a USA Gymnastics Professional Member.
  • Must have previously served on a State or Regional Administrative Committee.
  • Must have been a Meet Director at a USA Gymnastics sanctioned competition within the last four years.
Responsibilities of the Regional Chair:
  • Call and preside over the annual Regional Association meeting.
  • Copy all communications as the Regional Chair to the Program Manager and the Program Director.
  • Call and preside over all meetings of the Regional Administrative Committee.
  • Conduct the USA Gymnastics Regionals Championship Meet and ensure that all official rules and regulations are met. Send the meet results to the State Chairs in the region or post online.
  • Conduct an annual Regional Clinic, notifying the Program Office. Plan the site and date of this clinic in cooperation with the Program Office. The specific content of the clinic shall correspond with the gymnastics priorities of the region: judging, athlete training, coaching techniques, Jumpstart, etc.
  • Process all payments and deposits for Regional activity through the National office. Contact the accounting department at the National office to be set up on the system, and to address any questions.
  • On an annual basis, no later than August 1, the Regional Chair will publish an income statement for the year for distribution to the membership and send a copy to the Program Director. Financial reports are available through the accounting system maintained and distributed to the Regional Chair by the national office based on activity processed in e. above.
  • Be responsible for the promotional and public relations development of the Trampoline and Tumbling Programs within the region.
  • Maintain close contact with the State Chairs of the region, passing on all pertinent information and acting as liaison between the State Chairs and advise on administrative questions.
  • Oversee the responsibilities of each position on the Regional Administrative Committee.
  • Provide information to the Regional Administrative Committee on sites for Regional Championships. Upon approval by the Regional Administrative Committee, contract the necessary facilities, vendors and services to run the Regional Championships. Serve as Meet Director for Regional Championships.
Voting is open to each club in the region. One vote may be submitted per club. Voting will end on Monday, April 30th.