Trampoline & Tumbling 2017-2020 J.O. Program eBook
posted on 10/26/2017

We have exciting news to share! In preparation for the new quad approaching, the Program Committee, Technical Committee, J.O. Committee and USA Gymnastics have been working diligently to compile the Trampoline & Tumbling 2017-2020 J.O. Program eBook.

This eBook is the electronic version of a printed book, that can be read on any Apple computer or Apple handheld device. The T&T eBook will be a resource that includes the following information:

  • A complete guide to the J.O. Program for levels 1-10 in Trampoline, Tumbling and Double Mini Trampoline
  • Text and Routines for 2017-2020 including Compulsory and Optional routines.
  • 2017-2020 Compulsory and Optional Routine Videos
  • Understanding Scoring for levels 1-10: This includes a brief description for each routine about possible deductions that would be taken by both the Execution Judges and the Chair of the panel. Text shows individual skill deductions, landing deductions, difficulty shorthand and value for optional levels.
  • JO Code of Points for Trampoline, Tumbling & Double Mini Trampoline
  • JO Guide to Judging for Trampoline, Tumbling & Double Mini Trampoline
  • Skill Glossary

One of the positive features the eBook has to offer, is the ability to receive updates as they become available. Once you have purchased the eBook, you will be automatically notified of any updates made after the purchase.

Click Trampoline & Tumbling 2017-2020 J.O. Program eBook to purchase the eBook. Note: Download is only available through Apple Devices (MacBook, iPhone, iPad).

We recognize the release date for the Code of Points was set October 1st, and we appreciate your patience throughout this process. We have been working hard to make this product a great resource that all T&T members will benefit from. We are excited to be moving into the electronic age!