USA Gymnastics | 2017 National Academic Team Champions And All-America Scholar-Athletes in Men’s Gymnastics
2017 National Academic Team Champions And All-America Scholar-Athletes in Men’s Gymnastics
posted on 07/18/2017

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Nebraska won its first national academic team title in men’s gymnastics with a combined team grade point average of 3.505. Stanford placed second while three-time defending academic champion William and Mary finished third. NCAA champion Oklahoma and Penn State were fourth and fifth respectively with Minnesota, Navy, Illinois-Champaign, California-Berkeley, and Springfield rounding out the top 10. The College Gymnastics Association’s top 10 academic teams for men’s gymnastics are:

1. Nebraska - 3.505
2. Stanford - 3.479
3. William and Mary - 3.454
4. Oklahoma - 3.308
5. Penn State - 3.284
6. Minnesota - 3.280
7. Navy - 3.210
8. Illinois-Champaign - 3.151
9. California-Berkeley - 3.127
10. Springfield - 3.047

Honorable Mention: Michigan, Illinois-Chicago, Ohio State, Iowa, Air Force, and Army.

The College Gymnastics Association has also honored 86 individual gymnasts as 2017 first team All-America Scholar-Athletes in men’s gymnastics for attaining at least a 3.50 grade point average and 65 second team All-American Scholar-Athletes for attaining a grade point average between 3.2 and 3.499. Five gymnasts have been designated first team Academic All-American Scholar-Athletes by the College Gymnastics Association for all four years of their eligibility: Neal Courter, William and Mary, Wyatt LaPointe, Navy, Joey Peters, Illinois-Champaign, Aria Sabbagh, William and Mary, and Mat Turnansky, William and Mary.

The 86 first team All-American Scholar-Athletes for men’s gymnastics are:
  • 4.0 grade point average: Jacopo Gliozzi, William and Mary; Evan Hymanson, Nebraska; Christopher Krystek, Michigan; Wyatt LaPointe, Navy; Noah Roberson, Penn State; Brian Schibler, Oklahoma; and Chris Stephenson, Nebraska.
  • 3.999-3.90 grade point averages: David Allen, William and Mary; Mitchell Campbell, William and Mary; Christian Correale, Navy; Joshua Everitt, Nebraska; Jannik Haas, Springfield; Yaroslav Pochinka, Minnesota; Benjamin Provost, Navy; Christopher Sants, Penn State; Anton Stephenson, Nebraska; Mat Turnansky, William and Mary; and Benjamin Winkel, Minnesota.
  • 3.899-3.80 grade point averages: Luke Aldrich, Minnesota; Ryan Bergman, Minnesota; Jake Dastrup, Ohio State; Andrew Jones, Navy; Justin Karstadt, Minnesota; Peter Makey, William and Mary; Michael Paradise, Illinois-Champaign; Joey Peters, Illinois-Champaign, Andrew Rickly, Ohio State; Aria Sabbagh, William and Mary; Capri Sano, California; David Szarvas, Ohio State; Roshan Toopal, California; Wyatt Tyndall, Penn State; and Matt Wenske, Oklahoma.
  • 3.799-3.70 grade point averages: Levi Anderson, Oklahoma; Brayden Borromeo, Penn State; Michael Burns, Penn State; Thao Hoang, Oklahoma; David Jessen, Stanford; Jacob Light, Illinois-Champaign; Alex Magsam, Nebraska; James Marden, Illinois-Chicago; Rob Meyer, William and Mary; Robert Neff, Stanford; Sanjaya Roy, Nebraska; Cian Singleton-McConnell, Navy; Luke Sturm, Stanford; Alexander Thomason, Penn State; Coleman Tokar, Nebraska; Barrett Weiss, Stanford; Drew Willoughby, Stanford; and Joshua Zeal, Iowa.
  • 3.699-3.60 grade point average: Joey Bonanno, Ohio State; Benjamin Cooperman, Penn State; Neal Courter, William and Mary; Austin Epperson, Nebraska; Austin Hodges, Iowa; Thomas Paul, Michigan; Michael Rauchwerger, Clalifornia; Taylor Seaton, Stanford; Genki Suzuki, Oklahoma; and Alexander Wittenberg, Minnesota.
  • 3.599-3.50 grade point average: Griffin Antle, William and Mary; Andrew Botto, Iowa; Drew Burton, Stanford; Franz Card, Penn State; Michael Chan, Ohio State; Jonathan Chin, Michigan; Nicholas Del Junco, California; Josiah Eng, Stanford; Jacob Feldmann, William and Mary; Joel Gagnon, Minnesota; Vadim Ivanov, Navy; Vitali Kan, Minnesota; Keith Kohn, Illinois-Chicago; Zachary Liebler, Minnesota; Casey Mahoney-Muno, Illinois-Chicago; Jake Maloley, Oklanoma; Blake Marin, Illinois-Champaign; Jeremiah McReynolds, William and Mary; Christopher Patton, Illinois-Chicago; Sebastian Quiana, Illinois-Champaign; Joey Ringer, Stanford; Brandon Shively, Army; Brenon Sommers, Nebraska; Jacob Thurber, Illinois-Chicago; Nate Winneg, William and Mary; Adam Young, California; and Andrew Zymball, Nebraska.
The 65 second team All-American Scholar-Athletes for men’s gymnastics are:
  • 3.499-3.40 grade point averages: Grant Breckenridge, Stanford; Parker Chiapuzio, Michigan; Alexander Dumstorf, Illinois-Chicago; Jonathan Fornoff, Air Force; Hunter Justus, Oklahoma; Tanner Justus, Oklahoma; John Kramer, Minnesota; Ryan Orce, Navy; Philip Ordonez, Springfield; Nathaniel Ramil, California; Alex Wilson, Ohio State; and Josh Yee, Oklahoma.
  • 3.399-3.30 grade point averages: Connor Adamsick, Nebraska; Evan Bluemel, Ohio State; Allan Bower, Oklahoma; Joseph Boyle, Penn State; Frank Bradley, Navy; Jake Brodarzon, Iowa; Chase Cannon, Air Force; Dominic Difulvio, Penn State; Chandler Eggleston, Illinois-Champaign; Tom Gibbs, Illinois-Champaign; Travis Gollott, Nebraska; Grant Kell, Oklahoma; Jordan King, Nebraska; Connor Lewis, Stanford; Dennis Minton, Illinois-Champaign; Akash Modi, Stanford; Christopher Root, Illinois-Chicago; Kieran Serrata, Springfield; Taylor Smith, Illinois-Champaign; Daniel Terrano, Springfield; Lucas Wilcox, Springfield; and Brandon Wong, Iowa.
  • 3.299-3.20 grade point averages: Jacob Barrus, Stanford; Dmitri Belanovski, Michigan; Jake Bonnay, Nebraska; Casey Branin, Air Force; Fletcher Braunton, Air Force; Mitchell Brown, Michigan; Andrew Carter, Springfield; Nicholas Cramer, Springfield; Peter Daggett, Oklahoma; Jordan DeClerk, Stanford; Joshua Dieker, Springfield; Leonard Genders, Army; Jack Hasenkopf, William and Mary; Jake Honsberger, William and Mary; Justin Hopgood, Michigan; Johnny Jacobson, Illinois-Champaign; Nicholas Jama, Springfield; Kyle King, Nebraska; Daniel Leal, Nebraska; Jake Martin, Ohio State; Andrew Misiolek, Stanford; Stephen Nedoroscik, Penn State; Cory Paterson, Iowa; Bailey Perez, Stanford; Elijah Phelps, Army; Ryan Sheppard, Stanford; Mark Springett, Iowa; Jonathan Tang, Navy; Nick Van Dyke, William and Mary; Ryan Wilson, Army; and Gareth Weiss, Stanford.