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2017-2018 Membership Registration is now OPEN!
posted on 06/13/2017

Individuals, members, and Member Clubs may now begin renewing for the 2017/2018 competitive season. Anyone that becomes a member or renews a membership at this time will receive a membership expiration date of 7/31/18. See below for a few updates and reminders for the new season.

Important New Updates for 2017/2018 Season

Member Clubs

  • An OWNER of a USA Gymnastics Member Club will be required to be a current Professional member in order to maintain an active Member Club status.
    *The MANAGING DIRECTOR of a public/non-profit facility must maintain a current Professional membership in order to have an active Member Club status.
  • Upon purchasing or renewing Member Club membership, each club will be required to provide the name of their club’s insurance provider for participant liability/accident medical insurance.

Professional & Instructor Members

  • All Professional and Instructor members 18 years of age and older will be required to complete Safe Sport specific educational training every two years.
  • The required course is titled: U110: U.S.O.C. SafeSport and is provided complimentary to all USA Gymnastics members
  • Members must complete prior to July 31st, 2018
  • Please note: The Safe Sport educational course is required is in addition to the required criminal background check screening for all members. Professional members are also required to complete the U101 Safety/Risk Management course in addition to the requirements listed above.

All Members

  • All members of USA Gymnastics agree to abide by and be bound by USA Gymnastics Code of Ethical Conduct, Safe Sport Policy, sport rules, and procedures promulgated by the U.S. Center for Safe Sport, as they may be amended from time to time, along with any applicable criminal codes.
  • The Safe Sport Policy, formerly known as the Participant Welfare Policy, is part of USA Gymnastics’ efforts to strengthen its current safe sport initiatives, as well as to incorporate the authority and jurisdiction of the U.S. Center for Safe Sport. USA Gymnastics policies and procedures related to misconduct are presently under review, and further revisions to this policy may be necessary in the near future. Available online at, changes are effective immediately unless otherwise noted in the policy.

For complete details regarding the new season and new membership requirements, visit or contact the Member Services Department at 800.345.4719 or via at email

Important Reminders

  • When club administrators are creating and/or renewing a membership for any individual under the age of 18, name and contact information of the parent/guardian of the individual must be provided. To ensure a smooth registration process, collect the parent/guardian information prior to beginning the online registration process.
  • All athletes MUST complete a NEW 2017/2018 athlete/introductory membership application.
  • New forms must be completed for new and returning athletes. A copy of the form MUST be kept on file at your club, as well as, a copy provided to parent/guardian. Forms can be found online at:
  • Clubs should renew their Member Club membership and register their owner as a member prior to renewing their athletes online.

2017/2018 Membership Pricing

  • Athlete - $57.00
  • Introductory Athlete Membership - $25
  • Member Club - $160
  • Domestic Sanctions - $100