Olga Karmansky
posted on 07/11/2001
Olga Karmansky, 14, made a big jump from the junior to the senior competition at the 2001 Rhythmic Challenge, where she finished second all-around to Jessica Howard. Karmansky traveled to Calais, France, in March to compete in her first international rhythmic competition as a national team member. Karmansky earned three medals in her debut event, including the all-around bronze, a silver in rope and a bronze with the ball. The event was called the Coupe D'Opale 2001.

At the Corbeil-Essonnes in France, held in May, Karmansky and teammate Howard finished 10th as a team and Karmansky took 40th all-around.

Olga lives and trains in Brooklyn, New York. She trains at Isadora Rhythmics with her coach Nataliya Kiriyenko. A fun fact about Olga is that she was born in the Ukraine and her mom is a former rhythmic gymnast!

Olga is in the ninth grade and homeschools with Keystone National High School. She began the sport of rhythmic gymnastics when she was 5!