Sanders Sweeps Event Finals; Karmansky Adds A Silver
posted on 08/10/2003
SANTO DOMINGO, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - Rhythmic Gymnastics competition came to a close at the 2003 Pan American Games today with the individual event finals in hoop, ball, ribbon and clubs. The U.S. took home four gold medals and one silver at the end of competition today. The top eight finishers from Friday and Saturday's individual all-around qualification competed in the finals.

The U.S. walked away with the gold and silver after yesterday's individual all-around event. Mary Sanders (Toronto, Canada) finished in the top spot, while Olga Karmansky (Brooklyn, N.Y.) took second.

"Yesterday, I couldn't believe it," said U.S. Coach, Nataliya Kiriyenko (Brooklyn, N.Y.). "The girls did perfectly. They did their job and I am expecting the same kind of performances again today."

Sanders indeed performed outstanding again today and walked away with the gold in all four events. In hoop, she scored a 24.270 and finished with 24.300 in ball. In the clubs event, Sanders had a score of 25.025 and scored 24.975 in ribbon.

"This feels amazing," Sanders said. "It's a dream come true and I think my father would be very proud."

Sanders father, Fred, was her first coach and the 1963 NCAA Champion in Trampoline. He passed away nearly 10 years ago.

Karmansky took seventh in hoop with 21.675 and finished second in ball with a score of 21.800, taking home the silver. In clubs, she took fifth place with 22.750 and finished in fifth place in the ribbon event with a score of 21.925.

"I had a great time here and I fed off the energy of the crowd today," said Karmansky. "I had so much fun and felt so confident with the crowd behind us."

Mary Sanders (USA) 24.750
Alexandra Orlando (Canada) 24.300
Anahi Sosa (Argentina) 23.600
Tayanne Mantovaneli (Brazil) 23.000
Cynthia Valzez (Mexico) 22.925
Larissa Barata (Brazil) 22.250
Olga Karmansky (USA) 21.675
Antonella Yacobelli (Argentina) 21.100

Mary Sanders (USA) 24.300
Olga Karmansky (USA) 21.800
Alexandra Orlando (Canada) 21.775
Anahi Sosa (Argentina) 20.250
Larissa Barata (Brazil) 20.025
Cynthia Valzez (Mexico) 19.975
Catherine Cortes (Venezuela) 18.200
Tayanne Mantovaneli (Brazil) 17.750

Mary Sanders (USA) 25.025
Alexandra Orlando (Canada) 23.625
Tayanne Mantovaneli (Brazil) 23.325
Anahi Sosa (Argentina) 23.050
Olga Karmansky (USA) 22.750
Larissa Barata (Brazil) 22.700
Cynthia Valzez (Mexico) 22.600
Antonella Yacobelli (Argentina) 21.950

Mary Sanders (USA) 24.975
Alexandra Orlando (Canada) 23.550
Cynthia Valdez (Mexico) 23.000
Anahi Sosa (Argentina) 22.725
Olga Karmansky (USA) 21.925
Tayanne Mantovaneli (Brazil) 21.050
Antonella Yacobelli (Argentina) 19.925
Yenly Figueredo (Cuba) 17.650