Olga Karmansky
posted on 05/13/2005
Olga Karmansky, 18, recently won the 2005 Rhythmic Challenge competition, taking the lead role in the sport of rhythmic gymnastics in the U.S. Karmansky has never been far from the spotlight, finishing as the runner up at the 2002, 2003 and 2004 Rhythmic National Championships, and at the 2003 Pan American Games.

Olga trains at Nova Athletics in Brooklyn, N.Y. which is a five minute walk from her house. She said, "Winning the Rhythmic Challenge was the first step on the road that my coach Lucy Kerznerman and I had laid out for me for this year. Winning made me reminisce about how thankful I am to all the people who helped me get here, especially my coach Lucy."

When asked about rhythmic gymnastics in the U.S., Olga said, "I believe there are misconceptions about rhythmic in America, mainly that it looks much easier than it is. It actually takes a lot of effort and we train 40 hours a week to get good at it," she said. "And it's an Olympic sport."


Olga's parents are Yury and Helen Karmansky. Her mother was a former rhythmic gymnast and she has an older brother, Stanley.

Olga's plan for the future is to do her best in rhythmic gymnastics and enroll in college in January 2006, but nothing is final, she said. "I'm still vacillating between about five things. I want to be a court lawyer, but then I'm also thinking about other things like a broadcast journalist [or] something in public relations."