Parilla, Griffith, Direen and Lentz win national titles
posted on 07/28/2000

St. Louis - Olympian Jennifer Parilla (Lake Forest, Calif.) captured her second trampoline national championship this afternoon at The Family Arena in St. Charles, Mo. She won the competition scoring 38.00. Parilla, 19, will compete in the trampoline event at the Sydney Olympic Games.

Mark Griffith
(Bellefontaine, Ohio) won the men's national championship scoring 37.50, while Randy Direen and Amanda Lentz won the men's and women's tumbling national championships scoring 75.30 and 72.60.


Other winners in the women's trampoline competition include Kallan Kampas and MacKenzie Stone who finished second and third scoring 35.80 and 35.70.

Griffith won his first trampoline national championship, while Nick Marlin finished second. Kyle Perkins and Byron Smith tied for third place honors.

Alaina Hebert won the junior women's trampoline national championship, scoring 36.70. Shanelle Landry and Kelly Swisher earned the silver and bronze medals scoring 34.80 and 34.50. Tanner Griggs was the junior men's national champion. Jamar Young and Moses Deutch finished second and third.


Randy Direen earned the men's tumbling national championship with a score of 75.30. Double-mini national champion John Collier finished second scoring 74.40. Brad Davis and Chris Helton tied for third place honors, both scoring 70.90.

Women's tumbling national champion honors went to Amanda Lentz scoring 72.60. Lajeana Davis and Jackie Rakowska finished second and third scoring 67.50 and 67.30.

The junior men's tumbling national champion was Jamar Young with Casey Friske and Jose Hernandez earning second and third place honors. Mallory James won the junior women's title. Shelley Klochan and Sara Mullens finished second and third.

Synchronized Trampoline

1999 synchronized trampoline national champions Kirsten McNabb (Pocateloo, Idaho) and Mackenzie Stone (Pocateloo, Idaho) defended their title winning the senior women's competition with a score of 45.35.

"We're really happy about today," said Stone. "We've been putting a lot more hours in the gym."

The pair made history during the preliminary competition on Tuesday becoming the first U.S. women's synchronized pair to complete a Triffis, a triple front with a twist out, in competition. Melissa Larson and Kim Poling won the silver medal scoring 42.10.

The men's national championship was captured by Karl Heger (Rockford, Ill.) and Byron Smith (Amarillo, Texas) scoring 43.45. Second place honors were earned by Chris Estrada and Tim Pendleton scoring 41.80. Nick Marlin and Peter Dodd won the bronze scoring 41.30.

The junior women's championship was won by Alaina Hebert and Shanelle Landry scoring a 43.65. Erin Smith and Kelly Swisher earned the silver scoring 43.55, and Tracy Broadhurst and Lindsey Thompson finished third scoring 43.40. The junior men's title was captured by Bryan Lineberry and Daniel Owens with a score of 40.85. Kory Konsoer and Shawn Mohler finished second scoring 30.75, and Sean Mcbride and Tanner Griggs finsihed third with a 16.40.

Double Mini

Tara Sewell captured the women's double mini national championship with a score of 14.80. Betsy Pottorff and Amber Cowart earned the silver and bronze medals with scores of 13.80 and 13.70.

The men's double mini national championship was won by Jon Collier (Ft. Thomas, Ky.) scoring 15.80. Chris Estrada and David Ford finished second and third scoring 15.40 and 14.80.

"I'm pleased with my performance today," said Collier. "I've always been talented; I just couldn't put it into action before today."

The junior men's double mini national championship was won by Derrick Aldrich scoring 14.90, while Nick Marlin and Peter Dodd earned the silver and bronze medals scoring 14.30 and 13.60. The junior women's championship was captured by Lindsey Thompson scoring 13.30. She was followed by Shanelle Landry and Shelley Klochan who scored 13.20 and 13.00.