Call for Nominations: J.O. & Technical Committee Chairs
posted on 09/08/2014

Trampoline and Tumbling Junior Olympic Program Committee Chair and the Trampoline and Tumbling Technical Committee Chair.

The duties and responsibilities of the each respective committee and their Chairs as well as the qualifications for the positions may be found in the T&T Operating Code. The Technical Committee Chair qualifications were updated August 29, 2014

The elections will be held in accordance with the the Operating Code referenced above. All Current Professional Members in good standing may nominate those meeting the qualifications and the current respective committee elects it’s chair.

The duties and responsibilities as well as the qualifications should be closely reviewed by both those submitting the nomination and the prospective nominees prior to proceeding with nomination. Both of these are time intensive positions that require outstanding grammatical and word processing software skills in addition to attention to detail. The ability to meet deadlines and prioritize the needs of the Program are critical.

Nominations may be sent not later than October 1, 2014.