2014 Championships Preview: Region 3
posted on 07/08/2014

The Region 3 Championships took place April 26-27, 2014 in Bloomfield Hills, Mich., hosted by Oakland Rhythmics.


Level 7 Team
Isabel Schindler - NorthWest Rhythmic, Minnesota
Alyssa Shniper - RhythMix, Illinois
Patricija Ivanauskaite - Illinois Rhythmics, Illinois
Ekaterina Rodova - M&N Gymnastics, Illinois
Meryl Wang - Twin Cities Rhythmic, Minnesota
Julia Chen - M&N Gymnastics, Illinois
Selene Malench - Illinois Rhythmics, Illinois
Julia Goberman -M&N Gymnastics, Illinois

Level 8 Team
Victoria Urso - M&N Gymnastics, Illinois
Lily Avila - Illinois Rhythmics, Illinois
Daria Merkulova - RhythMix, Illinois
Marina Cridge - Indy Rhythmics, Indiana
Daria Gittsovich - Twin Cities Rhythmic, Minnesota
Zoe Avila - Illinois Rhythmics, Illinois
Dasha Kosack - North Shore Rhythmics, Illinois
Kaitlin Longerbone - IGM Gymnastics, Minnesota

Level 9 Team
Molly Isley - North Shore Rhythmics, Illinois
Anna Stepanova - IGM Gymnastics, Minnesota
Michelle Frenkel - RhythMix, Illinois
Karrine Denisova - North Shore Rhythmics, Illinois
Joyce Chen - M&N Gymnastics, Illinois
Daria Baltovick - North Shore Rhythmics, Illinois
Iryna Kidek - M&N Gymnastics, Illinois
Matylda Marszalek - North Shore Rhythmics, Illinois
Jadie Marquardt - IGM Gymnastics, Minnesota

Level 7 All Stars
Gloria Davidova - Yaga Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy, Illinois
Alyza Gurovich - M&N Gymnastics, Illinois
Emily Wang - North Shore Rhythmics, Illinois
Patricia Lee - Oakland Rhythmic Gymnastics, Michigan
Grace Kurtz-Nelson - Illinois Rhythmics, Illinois
Trisha Trinh - Twin Cities Rhythmic, Minnesota
Sarah Buonauidi - North Shore Rhythmics, Illinois

Level 8 All Stars
Briana Dyadko - United Rhythmic Gymnastics, Michigan
Shelly Lifshitz - Illinois Rhythmics, Illinois
Kaite Zaborenko - RhythMix, Illinois
Nicole Goncharuk - IGM Gymnastics, Minnesota
Saruul Tsogtbayar - North Shore Rhythmics, Illinois
Alexandra Shashkova - RhythMix, Illinois
Kate Danilov - North Shore Rhythmics, Illinois

Region 3 Junior Olympians and Level 9 athletes look towards competition:

    "I am so excited to be representing our region at the Junior Olympics. I am really looking forward to competing with the best Level 7's from across the country. The thing I am most looking forward to is showing great focus along with stable body and apperatus technique. If I accomplish these goals then I will be pleased with the results. This competition will be such a great experience!"
    Isabel Schindler, NorthWest Rhythmic

    "My favorite part about going to JO's is just having fun during the competition and watching the other girls."
    Patricia Lee - Level 7 All Star

    "I am excited for the national qualifiers because it is the last competition that I will attend as a competitor in my life. This is very important for me because I am going with my best friend, Sasha V., and my beautiful coach Irina. These two people mean a lot to me because they have giving both meaning to friendship and sportsmanship. Without them, I would have no place in rhythmic gymnastics. Also, I am very excited to compete in the Olympic training center because three words: Olympic training center!!! I can't believe that I will compete with the best gymnasts and I hope to watch as many as I can, including the greats (Laura Zeng, Anastasia G., Jazzy Kerber, Rebecca Sereda, the list goes on and on). This will be one of the best experiences in my gymnastics history and I can't wait to participate in one of the biggest gymnastics events this year!!!
    Michelle Frenkel - Level 9 Senior, RhythMix