Understanding The U100 Fundamentals Of Gymnastics Instruction Certification Requirement
posted on 02/03/2014

As most of the gymnastics community is now aware, the U100: Fundamental Gymnastics Instruction certification is now a requirement for Professional and Jr. Professional members that intend to coach on the floor of a USA Gymnastics sanctioned event.

As with any new requirement there are many questions and concerns regarding who is required to obtain, and/or how to verify the certification.

Please see below for a quick overview of the U100 requirement:

  • ALL coaches that are on the field of play at a USA Gymnastics sanctioned event MUST obtain U100 certification.
  • The U100 course is complimentary to ALL current members of USA Gymnastics.
  • U100 Certification does NOT expire.
  • Failure to obtain U100 certification and/or verify that coaches have U100 is a sanction violation and may result in a fine.
  • Members without U100 certification will NOT place a membership in a pending status.
    • Unlike, safety and background check certification not all Professional/Jr. Professional members must obtain U100. Only professional members participating in a coaching roll must obtain the U100.

There are 4 ways that the U100 Certification can be verified online.

  1. Membership Card
    • Membership cards can be accessed by individuals and/or the club administrators
  2. Certificates
    • Individuals can also view and print their U100 certificate by viewing their certifications on the membership page.
  3. Club Administration Professional Roster
    • Club administrators can view which professional members in their club have obtain U100 by viewing their professional rosters online.
  4. Verify Memberships via the Sanction page
    • Meet Directors can verify from the verify membership portion of the sanction page.

For additional question or concerns regarding U100 certification please contact Member Services Department at 800.345.4719 or membership@usagym.org.