Women's Junior Olympic Code of Points available on iBooks
posted on 01/28/2014

The Women's Junior Olympic Code of Points is now available digitally through Apple's iBookstore for your iPad or Mac. The Code of Points is the official rulebook for the 2013-2017 USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic optional program for Levels 6-10. The iBooks edition of the Code includes a listing of all skills, complete with their value plus illustrations of each skill. The Code of Points sells for $39.99 and is available here.

The Code allows the gymnastics industry to take control of their own learning and explore the standardized rules in depth with enhanced visuals, interactivities and videos.

Based on USA Gymnastics Women's Junior Olympic Code of Points printed materials, the iBooks edition includes stunning full-color interactive pages and adds extraordinary depth to the material, as users control their own experience - pinching, stretching, tapping and dragging beautiful illustrations, animations, charts, content and photos. Users can mark pages, highlight content, take notes and create flashcards for studying - all within iBooks.

By building our iBooks application with modular interfacing and stitching together elements, we provide content that appears different, but is actually the core Code of Points.

The iBooks edition combines technology that engages the user with the Code of Points content for each of the four Olympic women's gymnastics events and more! Easy access to quick charts at the beginning of each chapter raises the awareness for coaches, judges, administrators, athletes and even parents.