J.O. Technical Update - Dec. 12, 2013
posted on 12/12/2013
  1. The November 2013 FIG Help Desk indicates that score forms must be done on computer for official championships. In the US, Levels 9-10 follow the official FIG Code of Points.
    Only Level 9-10 score forms will be required on computer for Championship events (State, Regional, JO, NQ, Nationals). Thus, not required for Levels 7-8.

  2. JO Skirts:

    1. As per the rules, "The skirt must be fitted to the hips"Acaait is not possible to review by email individual skirts. Please use discretion for your own gymnasts. The intention is avoiding "puffy" skirtsAcaawhich do not fit closely to the hipsAcaato avoid a 'costume' look.

  3. JO: Level 6 ribbon confusion: Coaches have inquired based on their interpretation of the JO Handbook, Level 6 apparatus: All JO Courses have been taught the same way this cycle:

    Level 6 Apparatus (ribbon or otherwise):

    • 8 technical groups, all of which are different (throw not required but is possible!)
      • Medium throw with criteria
      • Catch from Medium throw with criteria
      • One large throw

    Thus: for ribbon: both boomerang and a medium echappe are valid for the medium throws. EXAMPLE: Two medium: one CAN be boomerang, one CAN be medium echappe, and one large throw.

  4. The JOTC made a few inclusions for the JO Program to the Summary Table of Fundamental Technical Groups specific to each apparatus and Other Apparatus Technical Groups and Table of Criteria for Apparatus Combinations. In yellow now in the JO Handbook online, apologies that they were not included in the recent posting.

  5. Due to the schedule of the event in Daytona Beach (Open Champs/RG and Trampoline JR Pan AM/ RG and Tramp International Senior Invitational), Open Championships will be for Levels 5-6 this year. The Rhythmic Program Committee has approved, in the revision process of the Rules and Policies for 2014, that the inclusion of Level 4 will be decided yearly based on the event organization (venue/schedule possible in 2013; not in 2014, etc).