J.O. Coach reminders - music and leotards
posted on 09/16/2013
  1. Currently the use of music with words is not allowed in the JO program as it is still provisional on a yearly basis at the international level.

  2. Coaches should continue to think about and select music at all levels with clearly identifiable rhythm and accents. It is a goal of rhythmic gymnastics for coaches to be experts in body, apparatus, and music. Thus, attention to musical selection and to the choreography-- in terms of learning how to move with the rhythm and mark the musical accents with body and apparatus movement-- is a primary objective in the JO program. Music choices should help young gymnasts to demonstrate their developing ability with rhythm and movement and encourage their developing sense of self-expression.

  3. In the JO program "fluffy" skirts, or skirts with the "puffy" feathered look that come out beyond the waist and pelvis, are not in the RG character intended as appropriate for the JO levels. Skirts should be fitted to the pelvis and hips. Skirts which are not fitted closely to the hips, as per the definition (JO, p.2), will be penalized.