Clarification Regarding Jr. Professional at Sanction Competitions
posted on 10/28/2013

Jr. Professional membership is intended for any coach or judge between the ages of 16 and 17 years of age.

This membership requires a membership fee, safety risk/management, and any other educational requirements for the purpose of the event, ie...if coaching they must obtain U100, if judging must have the appropriate judging credential.

Jr. Professional members ARE NOT required to complete the Criminal Background Check screening.

Please note, there are instances when a Jr. Professional member will turn 18 during the course of the current Jr. Professional membership.

When this occurs, the Jr. Professional member IS NOT, mandated at that time to become to Professional, nor are they required to complete the background check screening.

However, upon the expiration of their Jr. Professional membership they will be required to register as a Professional member, and therefore, complete the background check screening.