Bross, Memmel featured on PBS' NOVA
posted on 10/23/2013

© Brian Freed / John Cheng

2005 World all-around champion Chellsie Memmel and six-time World medalist Rebecca Bross were featured in the Oct. 23 episode of NOVA on PBS.

The episode, titled "Making Stuff Wilder," is in a four-part series about biologically inspired inventions and engineering. Competitive footage of Memmel and Bross appears in a segment about robots modeled on the human body and how these robots balance while in motion, a task simple for humans, but a surprisingly difficult one for robots. One of the robot's engineers, Robert Playter, was a competitive gymnast in the 1980s for Ohio State. In the episode, Playter describes how watching gymnasts regain their balance on the balance beam helped with the programming of the robots.

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