How to Verify U100 Certification
posted on 09/04/2013

Now that the U100 certification is a mandatory requirement, it is important to know how to verify that the certification has been completed.

There are 5 ways that the U100 Certification can be verified online.

1st Membership Card

  • Individuals who have successfully completed the U100 certification will now have it appear on their membership card online.
  • Membership cards can be accessed by individuals by going their membership page the USA Gymnastics website.
  • Club administrators can also print professional membership cards, from the Professional roster page.

2nd Certificates

  • Individuals can also view and print their U100 certificate by viewing their certifications on the membership page.
  • Under the certifications page the U100 certification is referenced at Instructor Certified.

3rd Verify Memberships via the Sanction page

  • Meet Directors can verify from the verify membership portion of the sanction page.
  • Meet director can login to the USA Gymnastics website, click on sanction, my sanctions, select the sanction, and click on verify memberships.
  • They would then select verify members, and enter in the membership numbers of the individuals they are searching. The system will then provide you a list of the individuals that includes their membership, background, check, safety expiration dates, and will provide you a column that will indicate if the U100 course has been completed. As a reminder, U100 is only a requirement for coaches at sanctioned competitions. As judges already receive a certification through their judging programs.

4th. New Membership Verification Entry Function

  • This new functionality provides a more simplistic way for meet directors and club administrators to verify an athlete and/or coach has the appropriate membership and/or certifications to attend the event.
  • Professional coaches will only appear eligible to participate in the sanctioned event if they have all of the appropriate membership, background check, safety/risk management, and U100 certifications.

5th. State and Regional Committee Members

  • The professional membership roster that is listed under the committee member function has been updated to include a U100 column.
  • The column is in addition to the membership, safety and background check expiration dates.
  • The U100 column will state "yes" for coaches who have successfully obtained the certification.

For additional question or concerns regarding U100 certification please contact Member Services Department at 800.345.4719 or