2013-2014 Athlete Online Registration Reminders and Updates
posted on 07/08/2013

Now that the 2013-2014 athlete registration is now available it is great time to review guidelines, reminders, and updates in order to set your club up for a successful registration season.

Women's Program Introductory Athlete Membership Update
Beginning with the new season the introductory athlete membership for the women's discipline is only available to those athletes participating in the Xcel program and level 1 & 2. Women's program athletes that participate in levels 3-Elite will now be required to obtain an athlete membership.

Register/Renew Introductory and Athlete Memberships:
Anyone that has been assigned by a club to a "club administrator" has the ability to register/renew athlete or introductory athletes. NEW for 2013, club administrators also have the ability to changed/update athlete levels online.

  • Step 1: Club administrator logs into usagym.org/memberservices
  • Step 2: Click on the Club Administrator link located on the left side of the screen
  • Step 6: When drop down menu appears click on "Athlete Roster"
  • Step 7: Select one Add/Renew Athlete button

Updating Levels Online:
Club Administrators now have the ability to updates/change athlete levels online anytime during the current season. See below for step by step instructions on how to use this new feature.
Updating Entire Roster:

  • Step 1: Club Admin log in to usagym.org/memberservices
  • Step 2: When drop down menu appears, select athlete roster
  • Step 3: Select Change Athlete Levels
  • Step 4: Use the drop down menus provided to update athlete levels.

Updating One Athlete at a Time

  • Step 1: Club Admin log in
  • Step 2: Select Athlete Roster
  • Step 3: Individually select each athlete and change the level from the individual screen.

Please note: Club Administrators will still need to call to upgrade/change an introductory athlete to athlete or an athlete to an introductory athlete.

How to Add or Remove Club Administrator:

  • Step 1: A current club administrator will log into website
  • Step 2: Click on Member Services at Club Administrator, then Club Information
    • To Add-Click on Assign Club Admin and enter the individual member number or username.

To Remove-Click on the trash can icon located next to the individual name

Don't Forget!

  • Contact Member Services to remove an athlete that is no longer affiliated with your club. This will help you from inadvertently renewing an athlete that is no longer with your gym.
  • When renewing athletes online please remember to update contact information for each athlete. Athletes will miss out on their cards and magazine subscriptions if this information is not up to date.
  • Athlete membership forms are available on the USA Gymnastics website at www.usagym.org/memberservices
  • Both Athletes and Introductory Athletes receive membership cards in the mail. However, the club administrator(s) also have the ability access athlete membership cards.
  • Clubs are required to keep a copy of completed athlete registration forms on file in there gym, regardless of whether the athlete membership was registered online, fax or mailed. Insurance benefits may not be paid out if forms cannot be supplied.
  • Destroy all unused, 2012-2013 registration forms. Those forms are invalid after August 1st, and will not be accepted.

For additional information regarding the new online membership system, please visit usagym.org/memberservices or contact Member Services at 800.345.4719 or membership@usagym.org.