Attention Meet Directors! Important Sanction Insurance Information!
posted on 03/18/2013

Over the last several months there has been an increased amount of late certificate of insurance request submitted to K&K insurance.

As a reminder, the certificate of insurance is the request that submitted to K&K insurance that will provide you with the documentation needed in order to show a facility/venue that you have indeed secured the appropriate insurance coverage for this event.

It is important to remember that you MUST submit the request to K&K insurance at least 30 days prior to the event to ensure that the certificate of insurance is produced in time for your event.

There has been an ever increasing amount of certificate of insurance placed less than 2 or 3 days prior to events. Such late request have been placing many meet directors in jeopardy of losing their ability to host an event in the facility/venue due to the insurance company not have adequate enough time to produce the certificate.

DON'T BE CAUGHT OFF GUARD! Apply for your certificate of insurance as soon as you have submitted your sanction request and are able to print off your sanction report forms from the USA Gymnastics website.

Sanction report forms are no longer mailed. Sanction report forms are now immediately available online. If you have applied for your sanction via fax or mail, you will be emailed when you sanction packets are ready to be printed online.

DO NOT DELAY and submit your sanction at least 30 days prior to the event in order to make your deadline. USA Gymnastics is not responsible should you not be able to produce a certificate of insurance due to the request not being placed within the stated timelines.