USA Gymnastics is seeking nominations for Coaches Representatives for the Trampoline & Tumbling Elite Program Committee.
posted on 06/04/2013

The Coaches' Representatives will directly represent the needs of the Elite Coaching Community.

There will be one representative specifically for trampoline and one that will represent double mini and tumbling.

Those elected individuals will work with the Program Chair, Program Director, and Athlete Rep to fulfill the following directives:

  • To work closely with the Program Director of the Program.
  • Elite athlete training, development, and support
  • All athlete and coach selection procedures and policies.
  • Annually review and revise sections of the Rules & Policies and Code of Points pertaining to the Elite Program and submit them to the Program Office.

All T&T Professional Members may nominate the individuals that are skilled at meeting the Elite Committee directives and meet the criteria as set forth in the updated Rules & Policies section III.

Nominees must be USA Gymnastics members in good standing. Specific criteria for each nominee position are listed below.

  • Must be at least 21 years old, and in good standing for at least two (2) consecutive years prior to nomination.
  • Must be currently active in National Team activities as a coach of an athlete.
  • One (1) coach must have been the primary coach of a trampoline athlete who has competed at the World Championships or Olympic Games in the last quadrennium.
  • One (1) coach must have been the primary coach of a double-mini, or tumbling athlete who has competed at the World Championships in the last quadrennium.

Nominations are due by 12 p.m., Friday June 21. Send your nomination to

Ballots will be submitted at the US Championships from July 2-July 6.

Results will be posted online following the conclusion of the U.S. Championships.