The Structure and Mobility chart for the Women's Junior Olympic Program for entering the 2013-2014 season
posted on 10/04/2012

The Women's Levels 1-10 Junior Olympic Program will be restructured beginning August 1, 2013. CLICK HERE for information to help the community to provide a smooth transition into the 2013-2014 season.

Please take note there will be only five (5) compulsory levels as opposed to the current six (6) levels of compulsories. Therefore, there will be five (5) optional level as opposed to the current four (4) optional levels. The complete set of rules and requirements for all the levels will be available in May of 2013. National workshops to present and teach the new Level 1-5 Compulsory exercises to coaches and judges will be conducted May 30-June 2 (Orlando, Florida) and June 6-9 (Reno, Nevada). Registration information on these workshops will be provided soon.

The link to the list of proposed compulsory elements for the 2012-2020 compulsory routines can be found by clicking here.