Attention Renewing Professional Members - Pro-Rating Scale Now Available!
posted on 10/01/2012

As USA Gymnastics announced in June, we are beginning the process of aligning all membership expiration dates to 7.31.2013 to align with athlete competitive season. Upon becoming/renewing your professional membership your new expiration date will be 7.31.13.

In order to accommodate this new schedule for professional members, we are providing a ONE TIME ONLY prorated membership fee option for new and renewing members.

In order to take advantage of the prorate option please fax, mail or call in your membership renewal. Click here to access membership form.

  • In house processing time is 3-4 weeks
  • Online processing time is 24-48 hours

Important Notice: Pro-Rate Option is NOT available online. No refunds will be provided should you choose to place membership online. Prorate option is only available to Professional members.

For new /expired members, your prorated fee will reflect the month in which you are applying for membership. Example, if you submit your membership request in November, you will receive the November prorated amount.

Pro-Rate Scale

    October 2012 - $68 in house
    November 2012 - $61 in house
    December 2012 - $54 in house
    January 2013 - $47 in house
    February 2013 - $40 in house
    March - $33 in house
    April 2013 - $26 in house

2013/2014 competitive season will open in May 2013. Therefore, memberships paid for beginning in May 2013 with have an expiration date of 7.31.14.