The World Acrobatics Society
posted on 06/20/2012

A birthday party for George P. Nissen in Las Vegas led to the founding of the World Acrobatics Society. The World Acrobatics Society is a non-profit corporation of Delaware since 1997.

The World Acrobatics Society recognizes and honors legends in acrobatics annually during a congress and banquet held each September in Las Vegas. Acrobats from eight separate fields or categories are nominated and elected by the WAS membership and the Gallery of Legends committee. The categories are: Acrobatic Gymnastics and Cheerleading, Artistic Gymnastics, Diving, Extreme Sports, Professional Performers, Trampoline & Tumbling, Contributors and Lifetime Achievement.

Article three of the WAS constitution defines an acrobat as one who turns or rotates around one or more body axis or balances on his/her hands. Legend nominees must meet that requirement.

Beginning with the first Legend Class in the year 2000, the WAS is in its 13th year having elected more than 150 men and women to the Gallery of Legends. Some of the notable Legends are: Sammy Lee, Greg Louganis and Pat McCormick in diving, Dominique Dawes, Bart Conner and Nadia Comaneci in gymnastics, Frank Bare Jr., Kermit Weeks and Lucy Romberg in extreme sports, Arthur Davis & Shenea Booth in acrobatic gymnastics, the Alexis Brothers, Loren Janes and Tito Gaona as professional performers, George Hery, Roland Wolfe and David Jacobs in trampoline and tumbling, George Nissen, Jack LaLanne and Glenn Sundby as contributors and Karl Schier, Kelli Hill and Jon Culbertson in lifetime achievement.

Membership in the WAS is lifetime $150.00 or annually $35.00. Anyone who has an interest in acrobatics sports is encouraged to join the membership and participate. The annual WAS program features talks and performances by legendary acrobats and the banquet is an opportunity to meet each legend up close and personal Interested parties can find a membership form on the WAS website:

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