New book on George Nissen released
posted on 06/14/2012

In Las Vegas, Nev., George Nissen celebrated his 80th birthday by doing a handstand on a table. Flash back to 1926, when a much younger George discovered his skill as a tumbler. He was the star of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, known as a gifted young gymnast and diver. Local newspapers dubbed him "one of the best fancy divers in the state," but it wasn't enough. George eventually introduced the world to something even more spectacular: the trampoline.

My Father's Dream of an Olympic Trampoline is the first-hand account of George Nissen's path to immortality, written by his loving, devoted daughter, Dagmar. Not only was George's invention fun, but it became a health craze, incorporating strength, stamina, balance, coordination, and rhythm. George became a worldwide ambassador of "bouncing."

Plus, it couldn't be denied: no one felt depressed while jumping on a trampoline!

George was not afraid to step outside the box and take chances. He was an inventor with over a hundred patents, but he was also a dedicated husband, father, and family man. In 2000, he saw his dream become a reality when competitive trampolining was announced as an Olympic event. His story is intended to entertain and inspire as George Nissen lives on thanks to an invention that has brought smiles to the faces of the world.

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