Sender finishes tied for fifth on vault at 2012 Osijek World Cup
posted on 04/30/2012

© John Cheng

OSIJEK, Croatia, April 30, 2012 Acaa David Sender of Arlington Heights, Ill./Team Hilton HHonors (University of Illinois) finished in a tie for fifth place in the vault final at the 2012 Osijek World Cup event Sunday, April 29, held in Osijek, Croatia.

Adrian de los Angeles of Long Beach, Calif./University of Michigan, and Glen Ishino of Santa Ana, Calif./University of California - Berkeley, also represented Team USA at the event but did not advance to the finals.

Sender performed two 6.600 valued vaults in the final, including a two-and-half twisting Yurchenko for which he earned a 16.075. On his second vault, Sender scored 15.575 for a final average of 15.825 and a share of fifth place.