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Men's Artistic Gymnastics Pathways
Welcome to the new MAG Pathways page!

Pathways is a one-stop resource for charting your life-long journey through Men's Artistic Gymnastics (MAG).

Our mission is to share the universe of gymnastics options available. We believe the world is a better place when everyone and anyone–people of all abilities and ages–can pursue their gymnastics dreams.

It all starts with you. Whether you're motivated by safely holding a handstand for 10 seconds, getting your back handspring back, helping a friend find an alternative path to collegiate gymnastics, or achieving your NCAA/Olympic dream–begin here.

Pathways helps you quickly:
  • Find and navigate gymnastics and new movement-related programs and activities across the U.S.
  • Chart your course by exploring new gymnastics programs, organizations, and opportunities across the community.
  • Share resources with friends and loved ones to keep them motivated to stay moving and enjoy gymnastics for their entire lives.

Let's explore your Path by clicking on the image below:

Elite and Junior Elite Elite and Junior Elite Compulsory Optional NCAA USAG Xcel/Club GymACT High School NAIGC Recreational Gymnastics

Recreational Gymnastics

Who: Are you just starting your Gymnastics Journey? Are you a beginner in the sport? Are you just thinking about joining the Gymnastics World to have fun and learn cool skills? Did you take a long break from gymnastics and want to rediscover the sport? Do you have a disability or injury that prevents you from participating in competitive gymnastics? Then the recreational path is the place for you.

About this Pathway: Most gymnastics journeys begin here! Recreational programs consist of weekly classes at local gyms, for any and all skill levels, regardless of previous experience. Every gym offers classes for children, and many gyms are beginning to offer adult recreational classes in addition to open gyms. Participation is driven by desire to participate, having fun, learning individual skills and increasing fitness levels. Programs vary by club and region, but are all non-competitive. Participants who demonstrate higher ability may be invited to join the competitive team, if available.

Age: Any age. While it can be difficult to find recreational opportunities for adults, more gyms are starting to offer this as a weekly class.
Ability: Complete beginner to a few years of experience.
Commitment: 1-8 hrs/week
Requirements: No requirements
Available Opportunities: Thousands, no, millions. Every gymnastics facility offers recreational classes. The key is finding the right place and fit for you. Just ask the question: what is available near you? Answer: Everything.
Contact info: Find a club to contact in your area at For Adults, check out this comprehensive list of adult classes.

High School Varsity Gymnastics

Who: Are you a High School student and looking to improve your physical fitness? OR are you already a competitive gymnast at an existing club but want to share your sport with your High School? OR are you a High School varsity athlete looking for a new sport?

About this Pathway: Similar to other high school athletic programs, training and coaching is usually provided by a high school instead of a private club, but some teams may train at gymnastics clubs. These opportunities are currently limited and only available in 4 states (as of 2022). No prior experience is required. Click below to learn more about High School Gymnastics and how to add Men's Gymnastics at your school.

Age: 13-18 (students in High School)
Ability: Beginner to intermediate or former
Commitment: 4-12 hrs/week
Requirements: Usually none, just show up!
# of spots: ~50/ schools across 4 states (MA, NY, IL, TX)
How to watch: High school websites will post schedules and locations
Contact info: Contact information varies by state. For Massachusetts, contact Rich Ellis ( See the following websites for more details: Texas, Illinois, New York City and Massachusetts.

USAG Club Track

Who: Are you looking to do more within the sport of gymnastics? Maybe you've outgrown the recreational levels? Are you ready to level up to competitive gymnastics while continuing to pursue other activities and hobbies? The USAG Men's Club Track program is a competitive alternative to the recreational track and a great place to start exploring your journey.

About this Pathway: This path is a competitive alternative to the Recreational path. Athletes train for limited hours per week and maintain a light competition schedule, leaving time for other activities. This path encourages rules that are less strict than higher competitive levels. The team atmosphere keeps athletes on track for goal-setting and accountability.

Age: 6-19
Ability: Novice to advanced
Commitment: Training time can vary based on the level of interest and desire to advance. As few as 4 hours per week
Requirements: See the USA Gymnastics Developmental program manual
# of spots: This track is new to the Men's Program. Opportunities will continue to grow
How to watch: Check out your local regional and state pages for schedule of local competitions (Region 1, Region 2, Region 3, Region 4, Region 5, Region 6, Region 7, Region 8, Region 9)
Contact info: Contact your local club to inquire about the Men's Club Track

National Track - Compulsory

Who: Are you a driven young gymnast excited to test your talents alongside other gymnasts in the state and region? Are you looking to build basic gymnastics elements that will allow you to transition to more intricate optional level gymnastics in the future? If so, then read on to explore the National Track, which features compulsory and optional level gymnastics.

About this Pathway: The Compulsory program is an entry to competitive gymnastics, but requires more training hours than the Club Track. The focus is on developing foundations for optional level skills and gaining competitive experience. The National Track is the 2nd most competitive tier and affords young gymnasts the chance to compete with top gymnasts in their state and region.

Age: 6-16+
Ability: Wide spectrum. Focus is on desire to train, improve, and compete
Commitment: 4 - 16 hrs/week. Depending on age and program level, hours will vary by program
Requirements: Athletes are usually selected by a competitive coach to join the competitive boys program
# of spots: Varies by program and facility
How to watch: Check out your local regional and state pages for schedule of local competitions (Region 1, Region 2, Region 3, Region 4, Region 5, Region 6, Region 7, Region 8, Region 9)
Contact info:

National Track - Optional

Who: Are you a driven gymnast (12-19 years old) excited to test your talents alongside other gymnasts in the state, region, and country? Are you looking to travel the country and compete in National Championship events? If so, then read on to explore the National Track's Optional Levels.

About this Pathway: This program is for dedicated middle and high school athletes. Ability levels may vary and training hours will likely increase as you transition to higher levels. The focus is on being a well-rounded athlete and competing against top athletes. Athletes in the Optional levels have the ability to qualify for the MDP National Championships or Eastern or Western National Championships.

Age: 12-19
Ability: Wide spectrum. Focus is on desire to train, improve, and compete
Commitment: 10 - 25 hrs/week. Depending on age and program level, hours will vary
Requirements: Prior gymnastics experience in either compulsory or club level gymnastics is required
# of spots: Varies by program and facility
How to watch: Check out your local regional and state pages for schedule of local competitions (Region 1, Region 2, Region 3, Region 4, Region 5, Region 6, Region 7, Region 8, Region 9)
Contact info:

USAG Elite Track

Who: Do you have a dream of competing on the international stage or even the Olympics one day? Are you ready to commit to a rigorous training schedule that will prepare you to become a member of Team USA? If you are one of the brave young gymnasts that thrive in a competitive environment and strive for competitive excellence, then the Elite Track will provide the journey you're looking for. To learn more about this path for elite gymnastics, click below for more information.

About this Pathway: This program is for the athletes that aspire to be selected to the US National Team program with the possibility of representing the US in international competitions, including World Championships and the Olympic Games.

Age: 8-23+
Ability: Advanced skills that meet the FIG Code of Points and rules
Commitment: High level of commitment and dedication
Requirements: Competitive experience required. Must meet age and skill requirements.
# of spots: Varies by program and facility
How to watch: You can see upcoming MAG elite events here, and high level competitions are often streamed on FlipNow Powered by USA Gymnastics. Past meets and routines can be found on the USAG Youtube channel. Contact info: Contact your local club or the State or Regional Director for your location.


Who: Are you a college student or adult looking to compete in gymnastics in a relaxed competitive environment at any level? Have you had an atypical or interrupted gymnastics journey and are looking to compete on your own terms? Do you lack gymnastics experience, but are looking for a place to start? Are you interested in competing in a fun environment with entry level through high level gymnasts on the floor at once?

About this Pathway: The NAIGC aims to create inclusive gymnastics opportunities for college aged and adult gymnasts of all levels. Anyone can start a team and join the organization. The NAIGC offers Men's Artistic Gymnastics, Women's Artistic Gymnastics, and Trampoline & Tumbling events, and any single competitor is able to compete on a selection of apparatus from among those disciplines (eg. pommel horse, uneven bars, and trampoline).

Age: 17+
Ability: Complete beginner to advanced
Commitment: 1-20 hrs/week (depends heavily on the club)
Requirements: No requirements. Clubs may have individual requirements but most do not have required commitments or tryouts.
# of spots: There are over 70 clubs offering Men's Artistic Gymnastics across the nation, with 423 total gymnasts who competed at NAIGC Nationals in 2019. Very few teams have size limits. Find a club for the NAIGC MAG club list or learn about how to start a new club.
How to watch: You can find a list of NAIGC competitions here.
Contact info:


Who: Are you looking to do gymnastics at the Collegiate Level? Are you looking for a bit more freedom in your collegiate gymnastics experience without the stringent rules of the NCAA? Have you had a hard time connecting or getting recruited by NCAA coaches and programs? If you want to continue your gymnastics journey into college, GymACT is an alternative collegiate league to the NCAA.

About this Pathway: GymACT is a league of collegiate gymnastics teams that are unaffiliated with the NCAA and not funded by schools, yet strive to compete at the same level as the NCAA programs. Many competitions will feature both NCAA and GymACT programs competing against each other. Because there are a limited number of universities offering NCAA gymnastics, GymACT strives to fill the gap and offer high level competitive collegiate opportunities for students at universities that are not offering NCAA gymnastics.

Age: 17-24
Ability: Should have some experience in the National or Elite track competing Optional routines
Commitment: Student athletes generally train 10-20 hours a week but are not limited to any number.
Requirements: GymACT is eligible to all college age students and does not include an eligibility "clock". GymACT athletes may compete for 5 years and then file petition waivers to continue competing as long as they are working towards a degree.
# of spots: The GymACT men's gymnastics system currently has approximately 180 athletes across the country and recruits approximately 50 athletes each year.
How to watch: Check out the NCAA and GymACT schedule for local competitions and information on broadcast competitions.
Contact info:, List of teams/schools

NCAA Gymnastics

Who: Is your dream to compete for a NCAA title? Are you an optional level gymnast, looking to compete for a NCAA program? Are you looking to pursue the USA Senior National Team or to make the Olympics one day? If you want to learn more about how to get recruited to the highest level of competitive gymnastics click here to read more about NCAA Men's Gymnastics.

About this Pathway: In conjunction with the elite track, NCAA is currently the highest level of competitive gymnastics for Men's Artistic athletes attending a 4-year college with an NCAA gymnastics program. NCAA gymnastics is eligible to all student athletes who have graduated high school and who have registered and cleared the NCAA Eligibility Center requirements.

Age: 18-24 (Athletes under 18 who have graduated high school may be eligible)
Ability: Level 10 athletes in the National or Elite Track
Commitment: High level of commitment to meet gymnastics and scholastic requirements. Must maintain eligibility to compete.
Requirements: All student athletes who have graduated high school and who have registered and cleared the NCAA Eligibility Center requirements are eligible. Athletes must be selected by the university coach to join the team.
# of spots: ~75 spots in each recruiting class
How to watch: Check out the NCAA and GymACT schedule for local competitions and information on broadcast competitions
Contact info:, list of teams/schools

Career Gymnastics - Coaching & Judging

Who: Do you love the sport of gymnastics, but want something beyond competing or training? Do you want to give back to the gymnastics community and have a positive impact on other gymnasts in their journey? Do you want to embark on a journey of continual learning and professional development? Then consider coaching, judging, or hosting events.

About this Pathway: This is for individuals who want to be involved in gymnastics without the training and competition requirements of being an athlete. In many cases, they make can make an even greater impact on the sport by coaching, judging or hosting events.

Age: Typically 16 and up
Ability: Beginner to Expert
Commitment: Coaches: 2-40 hrs/week. Judges primarily work on weekends of their choosing
Requirements: Online educational courses and certifications required for coaching and judging.
# of spots: Unlimited. Great coaches and judges are always wanted and needed
Contact info:

Career Gymnastics - Circus & Stunting

Who: Are you a talented adult gymnast who loves the artistry of gymnastics and loves to perform? Are you looking for full time professional opportunities that showcase your talents? Consider pursuing circus or stunting.

About this Pathway: This is for individuals who enjoy the performance and entertainment aspects of gymnastics. Gymnasts are recruited for their strength, flexibility and showmanship.

Age: 16+
Ability: Experience in the National Track with Optional level skills
Commitment: 20-40 hours a week depending on part-time or full-time
Requirements: Auditions required. For stunting, some classes and certification may be required
# of spots: Varied opportunities by type of performance
Contact info:


Who: Do you want to see where the sport of gymnastics can take you, outside of artistic gymnastics? Do you have friends and family members who are looking for a new sport or activity to join?

About the Pathway: There are many gymnastics adjacent sports and activities, most with both competitive and recreational options. While the strength, flexibility, and mental skills learned in gymnastics are helpful for learning any other physical activity, the following sports/activities are particularly well suited for a gymnast looking to broaden their sport