Men's Rules and Policies
We are pleased to be able to provide the men's gymnastics community access to the Men's Rules and Policies book in an online format. By providing access in this manner, we can assure that a current Men's Rules and Policies, with all changes to date, is always available.

You should occasionally check this page to note any changes that have been made in the Men's Rules and Policies. The page number related to any changes that have been made will be noted on this page. When you go to that page you will notice that any text changes will be HIGHLIGHTED in yellow. All changes will be noted until September 1, of each year at which time the current text will be adopted as standard. Only new changes that occur after the September 1, date will be noted.

This format will allow easy access to the Men's Rules and Policies and will make it possible to provide you with the latest changes.

  1. USA Gymnastics Membership Requirements (updated 3/20/18)
    1. Athlete Membership
    2. Professional Membership
    3. Code of Ethical Conduct
    4. Participant Welfare Policy
  2. Program Organization and Administration (updated 3/20/18)
    1. Organization Structure and Function
    2. Men's Program Organization
  3. Sanctioning Procedures (updated 3/20/18)
    1. Sanctions are required for all USA Gymnastics comp., clinics, workshops, tours & exhib.
    2. Sanction Fees
    3. Sanctioned Events with Foreign Athlete Participation
    4. Sanctioning Requirements for Foreign Exchanges
    5. Sanction Violation & Penalties
    6. Sanction Report Forms
    7. Meet Results and Meet Result Forms
    8. Rebate Monies
    9. National Gymnastics Foundation Men's Academic Scholarship Program Fees
  4. J.O. Program (updated 4/11/18)
    1. Program Description
    2. Age Determination and Competition Level
    3. Junior Olympic Age Group Program
    4. Participation by post-High School and NCAA/Collegiate Competing Athletes
    5. Sanctioned Events with Foreign Athlete Participation
    6. Residency Clause
    7. Competition Rules
    8. Junior Olympic National Championship and Qualifying Meet Dates
    9. Junior Olympic National Championship and Qualifying Meet Sites
    10. Bidding for the Junior Olympic National Championships
    11. Financial Responsibilities
    12. Qualification Procedures
    13. Petitions
    14. State and Regional Championships Procedures and Competition Formats
    15. Junior Olympic National Championships Procedures and Competition Format
    16. Officials
    17. Coaches Education
    18. Training Camps
    19. Eligibility Rules
    20. HIV Statement
    21. Special Recognition Awards
    22. National Gymnastics Foundation Scholarship Program
  5. National Team Program (updated 3/20/18)
    1. Senior National Team Program
    2. Junior Elite and Junior National Team Program
    3. National Team Member Responsibilities (coach and athlete)
    4. Participation by Foreign Athletes
  6. Meet Organization Guidelines (updated 3/20/18)
    1. Scoring
    2. Meet Officials
    3. Pre-meet Conditions of which to be Aware
    4. Considerations for Audience Appeal
    5. Meet Directors
    6. Meet Committees - Personnel
    7. Publicity Committee
    8. Finance Committee
    9. Site Committee
    10. Clerical Committee
    11. Hospitality Committee
    12. Awards Committee
    13. Special Events Committee
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