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How to Run Successful Summer Camps
By Patti Komara

By now you should have... (If not, start now!)
  • Assigned a staff member to Google “popular kid movies" summer 2021.
  • Talked to staff with kids that are "camp-age". What do they like?
  • Looked at past enrollment numbers (obviously not summer 2020)… which ones were hits and why?
  • Created an easy-to-follow schedule of events to make it super easy for your teachers to follow.
Make sure to...
  • Organize early and advertise early.
  • Create an all-encompassing paper and digital brochure for handing out at your gym and social media marketing.
  • Offer a deal - enroll in two get one half off. Advertise it ALL OVER your gym and any outdoor events.
  • If you have openings two days before camp, call participants from the last camp that did not enroll and invite them to this one.
  • At every camp, make sure to hand out a flier to the next camp. List the theme and all the fun things campers will be doing.
Those tips should help you secure a profitable and fun camp line-up this summer. Below are some clinks to our popular camp videos and books. We have been running super successful camps and we can help you too.
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