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Ho Ho Ho Gymnastics Games
By Patti Komara

Ho Ho Ho - I thought you might like to use these preschool games for the upcoming holiday season. Best of all, they can be used while social distancing. I hope you utilize these at your own gym, stay safe, and continue educating your staff in 2021.

1. Frosty the Snowman with hoops and bungee cords (preschool)
Using bungee cords, spread out three hula hoops on the Tumbl Trak and tie them to the sides in a snowman pattern. Have three different sizes to look like the head, trunk, and bottom of the snowman. Have the students jump into the hoops and call out what jump they are doing like tuck, pike, or straddle jump.

2. Freeze (preschool)
For listening skills, discipline purposes, or just fun. Have the kids do various animal walks, beam walking movements, or motor skills and as you say, “FREEZE”, they should stop exactly as they were. Tell them they are in the snow and to show you how they can freeze!

3. Tape the Nose on Santa (preschool or young school-age)
Objective: Try to tape the nose of Santa while blindfolded! Needed: Santa picture, tape, and blindfold. Rules: Purchase an inexpensive cut-out of Santa or draw him yourself. Cut out the nose and put some tape on the back. Mount the Santa on the wall. Turn each blindfolded child around two or three times. When they spin around they have to do a Squat Turn, Relevé Turn, or a Coupé Turn. Then send them off into the general direction. Whoever gets the closest wins!

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