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Three Crucial Questions to Ask On Your Way to Elevating Enrollment
By Tumblebear Connection

To increase your profit, you should ask yourself these questions:
  1. How can I increase each sale?
  2. How can I get more sales from each customer?
  3. How can I get more customers during this COVID-19 crisis?
Answer to number one is to analyze how you price your classes. Do you quote prices for 2x/week and then if the customer feels that is too high, then offer a 1x/week tuition fee? That's a huge paradigm shift for your front office but could revolutionize your bottom line. That could increase the sale from each customer. When you're enrolling a child, do you ask if new student, Macy, has any brothers or sisters? See if they want to register reminding them of your liberal family discount. Make these questions part of your sales script. If you don't have sales scripts in place, put that on your to-do list and do it soon. I recommend you have a sales script for each department. When the parents answer your question, "What made you choose gymnastics over other activities?" and she says that Macy is always dancing around the room to music, then you know to bring out the script for your dance department. You can't sell Macy's mom on gymnastics if dance is what Macy really wants.

Answer to the second question about getting more sales from each customer is to encourage multiple types of classes for each child. "Since Ali is signing up for gymnastics, would she also like to try a dance class or YogaBears?" When your parents call to schedule a make-up, ask them if their child would like to register now for the Kids Night Out coming up next week. "Did you know Mrs. Johnson, we have swimming lessons in the summer? Please go on our website or could I email you a link right now for that information?" Also, when a new student signs up for dance, be sure and ask mom or dad if their child needs a leotard, shoes, or a gym bag. Remember, ask for the sale.

The answer to the third question, "How do I get more students?" Firstly, they need to trust you. Some parents might be ready to send their kids back to extra-curricular activities, but that does not mean they are cavalier on hygiene and virus control. Advertise your cleaning practices. Do you use CDC recommended cleaning products? Are you diligently taking temps? Advertise this, parents are worried now more than ever. Post on your social media your staff cleaning in between classes. Build that trust and when they are ready, they will think of you.

You must make finding and keeping students a system. It's a matter of figuring out what has worked for you in the past, studying it, and turning it into a process/system that everyone in your organization understands and does as "part of their job".

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