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Your Students Are Going to Quit Unless You Give them what they expect from the class
By Patti Komara

Why do preschool kids stay? They stay because they are having fun and parents think your classes have value for their kids. School-age students are learning new skills. If you want your students to stay you've got to get those kids to love your classes. When your teachers understand and act on it, it's quite a jump in retention.

Yes, the preschoolers need to learn skills, too, and the school-age kids need to have fun--but focusing on what REALLY keeps them is key. School-age kids need their back handspring for cheerleading try-outs. Have plenty of back handspring clinics for them to attend during that time of year. We have them on Monday evenings AND Saturdays. Offer them on Sundays, too! In classes have a "Super Spring (or Summer) Backwards Series" for 2-3 weeks where each class works on their back handsprings if they are ready. If the kids aren't ready yet, have them do the drills that lead up to the back handspring like handstands, handstand snap-ups, bridges on an elevated surface, and flybacks.

For every child who is ready to work on a back handspring, personally talk to each parent and invite them to a back-handspring clinic. We also offer back tuck clinics for the students who need that skill.

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