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The Benefits a Gymnastics Education Provides Children - by Jeff Lulla

When parents consider gymnastics, we want them to think about the many positive benefits a gymnastics education provides children. Here are just a few;

Physically – Strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, agility, inverted awareness and hand-eye coordination all are developed and lay the foundation for success in all sports later in life. The more frequently a child participates, the greater physical benefits that child experiences.

Mentally - Gymnastics stimulates the brain and nervous system of young children while they are growing through important developmental stages. Cross body movements fire impulses between the two brain hemispheres. Mental focus is learned early in life as children attempt progressive challenges in the gym. As they succeed they learn to expect more success – we call that confidence. For preschoolers, important perceptual concepts such as over/under and in/out as well as math concepts are introduced when crawling through tunnels, over mats, into pits filled with lose foam, and putting foam cubes or small balls into and out of buckets.

Emotionally – Fun and excitement is what brings students into gymnastics while achieving success keeps them enrolled. It’s fun to win and defining success and winning as personal best helps us deliver achievement to all of our students. This can be done by using a progressive curriculum to set short term and long range “achievable” goals for students, tracking and rewarding those goals as they are achieved. Children also like to feel valued and being a member of a peer group of students, be it a class, team or club, helps fulfill this emotional need. Helping your students bond as a group and feel special will add to their happiness and result in a long-term relationship and membership.